Friday, 14 September 2012

Autumn musings and a Moonstruck Challenge...

Hi everyone, weekend at last!!

Although its not quite yet officially Autumn for a few more days, it has been feeling decidedly autumnal this week, so I thought I would share a few of my walking to work photos and musings with you all.  I love walking to work and have posted quite a few photos of my on-foot commuting on this blog.  I love the time on my own to just let my thoughts wander and also to take the time to observe the changing seasons.  I try to take a different route each day.  My trusty smart phone camera allows me to snap away to my hearts content (thanks DH for getting it for me!!) and I love to look back on the photos I take.

When I was little, my darling Mum and I used to gather rosehips to make syrup with - full of vitamin C and tasted delicious.  These rose bushes are very long-lived as they are still there, and I often pass them on one of my various routes into work.

At a distance I guess it doesnt look much, but in close up, well that is a different matter

Such abundant fruitfulness, from a tree that is over 50 years old.  Amazing.  Further on down the lane I spotted these glistening jewels

Im hoping that we will have a spot of decent weather this weekend so that I can get enough of these little beauties to make a crumble!

Finally, I have decided to have a bit of autumn fun.  One of my walking routes takes me over a little bridge over a brook, from where this view is captured

For the past few years I have been reading a website all about Autumn (or Fall!) in New England, and one of the contributers posts an photo from her window each week showing how autumn is progressing in her neighbourhood.  I have always loved this view from the bridge due to the colourful trees and shrubs in the autumn so here is the deal - I will take a photo from this vantage point each week and post it on my blog so we can see how the autumn colours are developing and changing. 

I would love it if you would join in and post pictures of your weekly autumn views too!  If you would like to join me in this venture, please post a comment and pop the following photo on your blog sidebar

I really hope you will join me!
Have a super weekend, Helenxx


  1. What a brilliant idea id love to join in, just need to pick my view now!!!!

  2. It's always fascinating what you see if you actually open your eyes and look! So many of us travel through life not really noticing ANYTHING! Ada :)

  3. Love the idea of the changing colours and look forward to seeing your pictures.

  4. This makes me wish I wrote a nice blog that could have pretty pictures on it instead of a sarcastic, grumpy blog about chiselling Weetabix off the floor - I love autumn :-(

  5. That sounds my sort of challenge - I'll add the pic/link to my sidebar :)

    I've been collecting blackberries and freezing them till there are enough for jam making :)

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog ,I totally agree with you ducks are sooo entertaining xx....I love your idea ,I will be posting this on my sidebar too
    XX Manda XX

  7. What a good idea, count me in, picture on sidebar :)
    Sue Xxx

  8. Count me in too, it sounds like a fun idea. I have the picture on my sidebar :)
    Hermione xxX

  9. Hi Helen!!! I was so happy to see your comment, and meet a new friend. I am here to visit your blog, and love what I am seeing! Your Fall photos are beautiful!! And I am curious about that Zpaghetti thing????? Interesting!
    I am adding your blog to my blogroll, and will be back soon. Thank you for coming by Simplify and saying hello!!!

  10. Bit late in getting back to you. I hope to join in with your challenge and took my first photo yesterday. I will post about it during next week, thanks for inviting me!


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