Friday, 31 August 2012

Just pottering about....

Yesterday we went off on a little jolly to Bakewell - its not far from us (about an hour or so) and its always such fun to have a wander around the shops and stop for a bite to eat in a favourite cafe of ours,
The Coffee Shop - the following two pics are from their website

 Its a delightful little cafe, with a gift shop and Thortons shop attached, there is also a garden outside you can sit in if the weather is nice.  We had a delicious panini and the most scrummy hot chocolate ever, although we didnt have the marshmallows as we dont like them:

I had to use the pics from their website as I had DH with me, and although he is getting fairly used to me photographing everything in sight, he is still not at that place where taking photos of cafes and drinks is in his comfort zone - bless him!  Mind you, musnt grumble as a) he was paying, and b) he is taking the bait/making interested noises about a proposed new hobby of mine - more to follow if/when he finally agrees to it - I think he will as he really likes the idea as well and will be able to join in!  Although it might all get a bit this space!

Then we went off to watch the local entertainment: the ducks and birds on the river - it is hilarious watching the ducks fighting with the seagulls for the bread thrown to them by the children walking along - I didnt manage to photograph some of the funny moments we saw as I didnt have the "big" camera with me, just my smartphone. 

After all, we had set out only expecting to go to IKEA - yes DH had agreed to a shopping trip for me to buy my favourite scented candles. Then we decided to have one of those calzone things from the cafe but they had sold out! So we went to Pizza Express only to be told that there would be a long wait. So DH said, "lets go to Bakewell, to our favourite cafe" - well, what can a girl say to an offer like that??!!

All in all a lovely afternoon out.  Well, must dash as I have a birthday boy in the house - my eldest is 20 today - where oh where have those years gone?  He has elected to go to Pizza Hut for lunch, and then we are having a BBQ for him tonight, again at his request.  His sister baked a scrummy chocolate cake for him last night, which later on (when she gets back from school) is going to be slathered with chocolate ganache and encrusted with maltesers and minstrels.  Yum yum yum!

Have a fab Friday


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Making the most of my holiday!

Morning all!

On our return from London, we have been out and about on  few day trips a bit more locally.  We visited Sherwood Forest, great place for a walk.  Stike up the Robin Hood theme - either from Prince of Thieves (bit too mushy for me!!) or the old 1950's TV theme (much more like it!!).  This tree, known as the Major Oak, is said to be over a thousand years old:

I had a go at long bow archery while I was there - I would love to have a go again with a more modern bow as I didnt have quite enough strength to pull the bow string back far enough.  I have had a go with a more modern bow in the past, and did rather well with it!!  There is a local archery centre near us, and I have persuaded DH to go there for a visit so watch this space!

DH and I had a lovely afternoon in Lincoln without the kids this time.  He went to college there as an 18 year old, and we always have a wander around the old haunts.  It is a beautiful city, with lots of interesting little shops run by local crafts people, as well as the larger shops as well.  The cathedral is absolutely amazing

 I love the front door, this is one of the oldest parts of the cathedral dating back to Norman times

And then yesterday I went on a very special plane

So exciting!  Of course, it was very firmly parked at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, but I could just imagine the glamour of flying off to New York!

Well, back to a bit of reality today as the 2 smaller members of the moonstruck crew are back to school tomorrow, so have a bit of last minute shopping to do, but it is pouring down with rain so thats decent timing!  DH and I are still on hols until next Monday, and the older two will amuse themselves, so we can get out and about as a couple....


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

London Calling...

Hi everyone

This weekend I was lucky enough to return to London for the second time this holiday, this time for a longer period.

And boy, did we ever make the most of it!!

First of all, we set off to see the Shard, currently the tallest building in is very impressive and totally dwarfs anything else nearby

My second eldest son is fascinated by modern architecture and took this fab photo a bit closer up - we stood at the foot of this building and felt totally overwhelmed by it.  I love the way he has really shown the Shard as a true sky-scraper as it really looks as if it is kissing the clouds:

Capturing 3 of the sights in one photo:

Flying the flags for the Paralympics:

I  have to say that I have never seen London look so clean or so well cared for - everything was painted up so the city looks at her best

 Everyone seemed to be in such a jolly, festive mood, Im sure its the result of all the London 2012 activities.  We saw a couple of the Paralympic Teams as well who were enjoying themselves no end.

I love visiting London, and cant wait to go back again!

Have a great day, the sun is shining at the moment so want to get out and about before the weather takes any turns for the worse!


Saturday, 25 August 2012


Hi everyone!

Well, I  have managed to get some time off from work - yay!!!!  I have been soooooo tired lately, what with a hectic schedule and some illness so it is lovely to kick back and spend time with my family.

It has been a busy time nevertheless - No. 1 son did fantastically well with his results and has got his first choice of uni, no. 2 son did fantastically well in his first year at college, no.3 son did fantastically well with his gcse's so gets to do his choice of A levels, and one and only daughter did fantastically well in year 9 and gets to do her choice of gcse's!!  Phew!!!  So all in all they are moving forward in the direction they want to go in, which, as a parent, is just such a massive relief!!!!  Im very thankful that they have all achieved such good results, and am a very proud Mum!

For those of you who saw my last post you will know that I had a brief visit to London last weekend.  Since then I have been busy enjoying myself - we had friends to stay with us for  few days, which was lovely.  We ended up on the final day visiting Manchester where my friend's daughter will be starting uni.  So we had a good snoop around, checked where her halls are (these passed the mum and friend scrutiny lol) and then went to our favourite Middle Eastern eatery, yum yum.

Then on Thursday I went with DH and DD for a tootle round the Peak District, ending up at Matlock Bath

It was lovely to visit on a weekday as it gets seriously crowded at weekends, especially with thousands of motorcyclists!  Which is all good, but trying to find a parking space is a nightmare.  I love the reflections in the first picture.

From Sept through the end of October the village holds the Illuminations and Venetian Nights festival.  The technical people were just finishing putting up the lights - here is a dragonfly darting above the river

These look great when lit up at night as they reflect in the fast moving water of the river below.

This was taken before 5pm, it was quite a dull day.

We came across some highly entertaining feathered friends

They set off honking like mad to the other side of the river - they thought they had spotted someone with food....

Hoping to return very soon to have a go on one of these:

Well, the sun is shining, so off to hang out some washing....have a great day, whatever it is you get up to!!


Monday, 20 August 2012

That there London....

Hello everyone!

Yesterday we had the chance to make quick visit to London

 I love the looking at the London Eye, but have never been on it...something to look forward to at some point I guess

 So many statues, but thought I would take one of this formidable lady

 and now for a few pics of the amazing London skyline

Big Ben:

BT Tower

Regents Park Mosque

And finally, I love this one of the Houses of Parliament - a new bride and her husband were having a photo shoot there and I managed to get them in my photo!

A flying visit to the captial, hope to go back for a longer stay soon!  There is a saying "if you are tired of London you are tired of life" - I heartily agree although I think it would be a bit tiring to live there all the time.  But visiting is one of my all time favourite things to do!


Sunday, 5 August 2012

London 2012 fever at Folksy!

Good morning - wow, did you watch the Olympics yesterday?  What an awesome medal haul!!!  So proud of all the athletes, what an amazing achievement.

So, this morning, I finally got my act together and posted some new items in my Folksy shop

First up, a Union flag themed scented felt heart. 

 Next, a London 2012 themed heart, detailed with Buckingham Palce, St Pauls Cathedral and Tower Bridge - not forgetting the soldier figures (do any of you remember the A.A. Milne poem, "Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace"?)

And yet another London heart, but with different details

This time the soldiers are accompanied by Big Ben and the London Eye.

I have been delighted with the success of my little shop so far - I sold everything I had posted!  So fingers crossed these hearts made with love will also find loving homes!  I enjoy making them so much....Im busy thinking at the moment for designs for my Winter themed hearts - all my relatives have got used to getting scented hearts as gifts.  Each year I design a different range of hearts.  But in the meantime Im coming up with some ideas for autumn- themed hearts, so watch this space!

Enjoy the Olympic action today, we have just switched on the TV to watch Andy Murray - come on team GB, you are doing us proud!!


Saturday, 4 August 2012

At the Olympics!

Hi everyone! 

Hope you are all enjoying London 2012.  Last Sunday me and the crew were lucky enough to go to the Olympic football at Old Trafford (for overseas visitors that is the home of Manchester United).  What an awesome time we had!!  I am a big football fan, and when I discovered that we would be watching Brazil my excitement was unbounded (having been a huge fan of theirs since the 1970 World Cup - I was only 10 at the time, but still remember it really well).  So it was up bright and early and off to Manchester!

On arrival at the ground it was extremely busy - we had to go through a bag search (it felt a bit like being at the airport).  It was cool to see the Olympic rings on the outside of the stadium

and once inside we were delighted to see that DH had got us brilliant tickets with a fab view of the whole ground!  Here are the flags flying proudly

The matches were Egypt v New Zealand and then Brazil v Belarus.  Here are a few pics of the action:

All in all a fab day out!  The organisers really have done us proud, well done to you all!!  This past week has been so excited, team GB have really pulled out all the stops for the country - have just watched another rowing crew get a gold, and Im keeping my fingers crossed for Francesca Ennis for later on today.

Enjoy a great weekend of sport!