Saturday, 29 October 2011

Autumn Inspired Granny Stripe WIP

Good morning all - a bit chilly so far but is looking like it might be a decent day outside.

I thought I would share my current b.i.g project this morning - very much a work in progress but oh my goodness am I loving doing it!  Here is a peek inside my bag of woolie goodies

I keep all these treasures inside a re-usable bag I was given at an education conference - love the way they have used a tree emblem (tree of knowledge perhaps?) Have any of my fellow teachers out there ever been to a conference relating to QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework)?  A groovy bag for quite a dry topic unless you are into that sort of thing (which sadly and strangly I am!!)  I was quite impressed that a government body could come up with such a pleasing logo actually... is a picture of what is really making these cosy autumn evenings a real treat

I am so loving the colours - for me it sums up the autumn beauty outside in the local woodland, parks and gardens

The colours are actually more radiant than in these photos - I guess thats the downside of the autumn light !

Here is the work completed so far (it is a bit bigger now - I love taking photos of wip as I like to go back and see how far I have progressed).  It has been blogging that has inspired me to take photos as I go along rather than just the finished product.  Isnt it great looking back and seeing how much work has gone into something!

At one point it looked great as a scarf - I am so loving the granny stripe pattern...when its done I might well make a scarf as well it would be so cosy for the winter.  BUT - this granny stripe is destined (hopefully!) to be a throw for our sofa.  Something nice to cosy under when crafting or watching the odd bid of TV...speaking of which, are you watching Kirstie's Homemade Britain?  Me and daughter are really enjoying it and think its the best of her series so far. 

Well,  better away - Sue from @home and her family are coming for dinner tomorrow and daughter is getting ready to bake up a storm - Im sure there will be a few pics on this blog soon of her hard work!

Have a wonderful Saturday!


Thursday, 27 October 2011

Pumpkins good enough to eat!

Good evening everyone!

Hope you didnt get too wet today - a very autumnal spell of weather just at the moment isnt it?

As part of the autumn season I usually make up little pumpkin-shaped pouches full of sweets - here is my pumpkin-pouch patch:

And a close up of one of the little fellas:

I make them from a circle of orange crepe paper and then fasten them with florist's tape - its really nice and easy to do.  Here is the kind of thing that awaits when the recipient breaks them open

The candy corn and mellocreme shapes are from the States - I find the brand I use one of the few that doesnt put gelatine in (Im a veggie).  We love candy corn here at Moonstruck HQ!! 

Well thats about it for this evening -hope you are all keeping warm and cosy!


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I love to ride my bicycle...

Hello everyone, hope you are keeping well.

I recently acquired a bike - Im a somewhat rubbish cyclist but enjoy it all the same.  The weekend before last we took a little trip to a farm a few miles from here - it was a nice autumny afternoon.  The farm sell lovely cream teas and other goodies - well I thought we had earned it as we had cycled there!!!! (any excuse...)

Here is my bike parked up while we waited for our refreshments

I had time to wonder - who lives behind a door like this?

Fairies, goblins and elves would feel right at home

And you can imagine my happiness when I spotted these beauties outside the farm shop

One had already magically transformed into this cheeky character...

All in all a lovely couple of hours with DH and daughter - so nice to do something other than work!!!!


Saturday, 15 October 2011

A teacher's work is never done...

Hello everyone!

Im on a quick lunch break, working again on that dratted marking!

This is the scene as I leave for work in the morning

and even darker when I get back!

As a teacher on a work based learning programme we dont get half terms either...:( just standard 25 days a year for us hardened warriors!!  Have booked a couple of days next week which is why Im working every hour possible at the moment to ensure I can get the days off without fretting!

On the bright side, I have started on a very exciting new crochet project which I will share soon.  And there will soon be a guest post from a VIP!!

have a great weekend, Helenxx

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Pumpkin delights

Good morning everyone!  This time last Saturday I was sitting in the garden, recovering from a mammoth marking session, enjoying temperatures of 20 degrees!  This week its back to the dining room table, looking out to the garden, which is windswept, wet and cold.  But much more seasonal!

I have quite a few weird obsessions and one of them is Pumpkins!!  I collect pumpkins of all different sorts - I even have a long lasting real gourd!  I have ceramic pumpkins.  Glass pumpkins.  Fabric pumpkins.  Dishes bowls and plates that have a pumpkin theme (either the shape or the motive).  I like to eat pumpkins (especially in a pie!!).  And of course I like to carve them.  But recently I have started to crochet pumpkins - so here is my little pumpkin patch of crochet lovelies (well I like 'em!!)

I have had such fun making them!!The very observant will notice there is also a crochet butternut squash as well in the background (I love those too).

The patterns came from a great blog planet june so if you would like to make your own little pumpkin patch please check it out!  She has some lovely free patterns on the website which I intend to have a go at in the coming weeks.  Thanks June!

Keeping with the pumpkin theme, I have some candle-themed pumpkin - ness going on in the evenings now - I have to say (please don't shout at me) that I do have a liking for the darker evenings.  So these are now gracing my mantelshelf:

I love this little ceramic pumpkin candle holder, it has a grinning jack-o-lantern on one side, but lovely autumn leaves on the other - very tasteful!

Have a lovely Saturday, and keep warm!


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Little tastes of joy

Hi everyone - what a difference a few days make!!  Cold blustery showers today - truly autumn.

At the moment it is completely hectic at work with, amongst other things, a very heavy marking workload (yes, I am that stressed-out creature known as a teacher!!).  So, it is essential that I find little highlights each day to celebrate and be grateful for.  Of course, first and foremost my family and friends do this very well for me.  As does my crafting. And this little blog. 

But, here are a few more things that make me smile....

I walk to work each day along this street.  I really enjoy walking, its a great time to just think about anything and everything and burn some calories at the same time! The cherry trees are always a welcome sight at any time of the year but in the autumn they simply light up with brilliant colour:

Truly amazing eye-popping redness - the hot weather and cooler evenings made the leaves colour up a treat:

Im so glad I took these pictures as the trees are nearly bare today.

At the weekend I was up very early marking English papers.  I had finished them all (and there were loads!) by 9 o'clock so made a cuppa in my new mug, sat out in the garden and flicked through a couple of magazines I love:

Both magazines are from the USA - the crochet one is readily available, but Martha Stewart I order specially via WHS. 
Simple, yet joyful things. Gotta love 'em.


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Creative henna

Hello again lovely bloggers, hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Recently I went to visit a dear dear friend of mine who lives "up north" in the fine Republic of Yorkshire.  We do so enjoy getting together, our daughters are very close friends too.

Anyroad up (as they say in Yorkshire) my friend is quite the creative wizard when it comes to applying henna.  First we choose a pattern we liked the look of:

Then we get the henna paste - its often ready made in a tube like this:

And then you get a great friend to make a start..

You need a very steady hand...

to get great results like these...

I think these would make great embroidery patterns!

A big thank you to my friend (the henna artist) and my daughter (the model).