Sunday, 26 January 2014

Crochet Blanket Challenge - week 4

Good morning everyone - a very dull and dark start to the day here in the middle of the British Isles, after horrendous thunder and hail storms yesterday.  At least where I live we have thankfully been spared the dreadful floods that have so badly affected other parts of the country, my heart goes out to all those that have been caught up in that over the past few weeks.

Well, even though it has been an extremely busy week I have managed to make 2 squares to contribute to the steadily-growing blanket project.

Would you like to see?

Loving the colours...

Surprising just how soothing some hooky time can be, the gentle repetition of the stitches and the satisfaction of making progress on yet another square...

Here are the two squares completed this week....

When I was having a little walk down memory lane looking at some photos from 2 years ago I found this, my first attempt since the 1980's of making granny squares:

After making these (for a bloggy swap) I didn't make any more until last autumn when I hooked some to make up into cushions.  And now, somehow, I have become quite addicted to them.  Never thought I would say that as I had previously found making them quite, ahem, boring.  Not tiresome, just boring.  But I think at the moment what I need is a nice, soothing, crafting project like running up squares for something that, in the end will (hopefully) be a large, reasonably impressive outcome.  While making them I can really let my mind relax and wander .  I find myself thinking about a lot of things whilst hooking away, but not stressful thoughts.  I can concentrate on how the yarn feels, the scent of the hyacinths blooming on the windowsill, the sound of the rain (or indeed hail!) on the window, the sound of the cats purring as they sprawl on the carpet at my feet.  All very soothing, very necessary things to be aware of - the simple, little things that form part of the pattern of my life.  And yes, I can think to myself, it isn't all work, work, work, there are so many precious moments to be made the most of.

Hope you have the chance to appreciate the simple things today!



  1. Those colours are gorgeous and go well together. I have decided I need to learn to crochet this year!! I have sent you another email, hope this one gets to you as my others appear to have got lost in cyber space :( xxx

  2. The crochet looks great
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Your squares are lovely, and it's going to be a gorgeous blankie when it's all done. That was an awful storm we had here in the Midlands yesterday wasn't it - the hail turned so icy here and it's still lying...bbbbrrrr....
    Stay warm & cosy today - it's perfect crocheting weather!

  4. Sometimes the simple things are the best! Looks like you'll have that blanket done in no time. Nasty weather here too ...gale force winds ...tiles flying off the roofs and trees down. Hope it improves for your trip to Spain.
    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  5. Yes, it's very therapeutic isn't it, have a lovely week! :) x

  6. Apparently crafting can increase levels of serotonin so keep going even if its repetative you know you're doing yourself a whole lot of good. lol

  7. Playing with yarn soothes the soul. I think a very simple repeat, whether it be a granny square or a a garter stitch row helps put you in a bit of a meditative state, one that helps you calm down and just be for a minute or two. Love your squares, glad you are taking a moment to just relax.
    Hugs and have a great week,

  8. lovely colours such a lovely post to read, you made the crocheting sound so cosy and perfect on a stormy winters day
    Clare xx

  9. I have a 4 yr old grandson on my lap and am typing one handed... so for sure I'm taking time to enjoy the day. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. You're making lots of progress. I love granny squares too. I was making a ripple-type throw but I'm bored with it and now I'm thinking about hooking up a few granny squares of some type, still deciding which one to make.

  11. Lovely granny squares they are one of my favourite thing to make x

  12. Your mood blanket sounds like it just the right thing for you to unwind after a busy day xx

  13. I also love granny squares - such gentle, undemanding hooky! Those colours you have used are so soothing and rather sophisticated!

  14. I love your colour choices, and I also love your granny squares!! Thank you for joining in with the link party!

  15. Great progress on your mood blanket squares! Grannies can be quite addicting. I keep saying "one more row" when I make them.

  16. Hi Helen, did you get my email the other day? xx


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