Thursday, 20 September 2012

Autumn Views Challenge Week 1

Good evening everyone - only a day left to the weekend - and counting!!!  We have been doing Arts Award with our students this week - total creative chaos and the mother of all messes to tidy up afterwards.

So a soothing walk back from work was just the thing of course, and this evening I snapped my chosen Autumn View.

The leaves in the bottom part of the photo have definitely turned more yellow this week - we have had some very cold nights here, so I guess it is to be expected!

A few more autumn pics from my wanderings this week:  Sunlight through the trees

Taken quite early in the morning earlier this week

Spot the squirrel!!

Next, a parasol mushroom just emerging

 And last but not least - conkers!!

They were dropping off the tree all around me as I took this photo!  Dicing with death for the purpose of this blog, whatever next...;)

Looking forward to seeing your autumn views from this week!


PS. thanks to those of you who advised me re my photo problems - I have managed to sort it by deleting some of the buttons.


  1. You mind out! No injuries please! I have a cherry tree at the bottom of the garden, it's my season clock- first yellow leaf today! Ada :)

  2. Stunning photos! I remember when I was childminding many years ago I was pushing my friend's son under the chestnut tree in the local park and the tree shed its load on top of us!
    Julie xxxxx

  3. I'm not getting any autumn views here ... but I love seeing yours! xxx

  4. We are back to sweaters and turtlenecks in Portland, OR. Our heater has been running and here and there some of our greenery is less green, with hints of a colorful show to come. Thanks for posting! xx from Gracie


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