Sunday, 22 February 2015

Snippets from Spain


Very grey skies here in the UK today, so thought I would share a little of the Spanish sunshine DH and I were lucky enough to experience last week...

We have fallen in love with this amazing country, and feel blessed that we have been able to visit again.

Back soon with some very photo heavy posts, don't say I didn't warn ya :-)

Have a lovely Sunday, Helenxx

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

And breathe...

Hello everyone hope the week is going well.

Finally after a very hectic time at work for us both, DH and I have sneaked away for a few days.

Being the person I am I have been taking random photos of our hotel rooms, first I love this picture which was in our room in our airport hotel, reminded me of the sunsets I have been blessed to see in this beautiful part of the world...

Our hotel for the rest of our stay has this lovely lamp...

The next picture is a very obscure clue as to where we are...can you see the flags?

Hopefully back soon to reveal where we are!


Saturday, 14 February 2015

Hearts and flowers

Good morning everyone - hope you are well and that you are looking forward to the weekend.  I have had a very hectic 6 weeks since Christmas at work.  I have fallen behind in so many things, including blogging.  But there have been very nice things happening as well, including my birthday, wedding anniversary and some little local walks out and about.  And now it is the start of the Half Term Break :)

As today is Valentines Day I thought I would share a few "Hearts and Flowers" themed photos.  My DH bought me two lovely bunches of flowers for our anniversary which are still looking great, and the scent of them is quite intoxicating (there was also a yummy box of chocolates but they disappeared quite quickly...)

A fabulous mixed bunch of lilies and roses in deep pink shades...

Then a bunch of lilies in a most unusual shade of purple, here in the photos they look blue, but trust me they are deep purple...

Here are our cards on the mantelpiece, together with a little pot of daffodils I picked up in the supermarket for £1 (bargain!!)...

We don't really celebrate Valentines Day as such as our Wedding Anniversary is so close to it, but I hope you have a lovely day, whether you celebrate or not.

To close, there must be a loving feeling in the air as even the cats (who don't get on that well) are sharing some of my crocheted cushions...

Happy Valentines Day!


Sunday, 1 February 2015

First of February

Hello everyone, I just can't believe we are in February already!  This last month has  gone by in a complete blur, work has been so hectic that some evenings, when finally leaving school to go home, it seems as if my brain has finally given up the ghost and sometimes this has been exactly how I have felt...

Google images

*Kimi, I share your feeling of confusion :-)

However, it is only 2 weeks to go until half term :-) :-) :-) :-) so will just battle on...

So, when lovely thoughtful gifts from lovely thoughtful folk like Taci are delivered all the way from the US you can imagine how gratefully these are received...just look at what she made for me...

A sweet bird made by crocheting pretty fabric, it is beautiful, I am writing a blog post on my tablet for the first time so the photo doesn't really do it justice as the camera isn't a very high spec, but you get the idea.  Taci I love this little bird and love that you made it for me. Thank you so so much!  Bloggers really are the best aren't they?

One thing I found out today though re. The tablet camera is that it does have a wide range of editing settings including one called oil painting, this is what Taci's bird looks like using this setting...

Pretty cool I think! Can see myself using this setting a quite a bit.

Hope you have a lovely relaxing Sunday!


*Kimi Raikkonen