Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hooked on Zpagetti

Hi everyone

On Tuesday evening I gave myself a little treat - I took part in a craft workshop at our local craft shop - the workshop was entitled "Giant Crochet" and was an introduction to the new craze of Zpagetti.

The technique uses recycled fabric and a large hook

Its great fun to do

But a ball of yarn costs £10 so I have found an online tutorial to make my own from tshirts.  Much more in the spirit of thrifiness I think!

Here is a closeup of the swatch I made:

It is an ideal technique for bags, rugs, placemats, etc so Im looking forward to making some useful things soon!  The resulting crochet is really thick and strong, but soft at the same time if that makes sense. 

Although the evening was for learning this technique of crochet, I asked the tutor to show me how to knit using that fancy yarn that makes up into a scarf in no-time so I got good value for my tuition fee!  The workshop took place in the craft shop, and we were able to buy whatever we wanted needed at a 10% discount, so I snapped up some of this fancy yarn while the going was good!.  Will show you some results of my handiwork soon.

Hope you are all having a good week - soon be the weekend!!



  1. OOOOOOOOOOOH, that looks fab.

  2. I keep seeing this sort of crochet, I might have more luck with a hi ok this size, might be able to work out where to put the stitches! Ada :)

  3. This looks fun, can't wait to see it for real :)
    Sue Xxx

  4. I've knitted using rag yarn - amazing how quickly it grows. A friend of mine was making a rag rug using t-shirt yarn and a large hook - what I've seen looks amazing.

  5. It looks like lots of fun. I knit with size 50 needles once with four yarns held together, it really gave my arms a workout. Love how your crochet looks.

  6. Looks wonderful - must seek it out!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. its looks great! is it tunisian then?


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