Sunday, 16 September 2012

A new crafty craze

Good evening, hope you have had a good day.  We had a lovely walk out in the woods again, squirrels a-plenty, leaves just beginning to turn, with quite a few falling to the ground.  Warm in the sun, but decidedly nippy in the shade or when a cloud passed over.  So now, we are just cozying up for the evening, dinner eaten, chores done, candles lit, and Im enjoying dabbling with my latest craze

I am just loving knitting with this fancy yarn, it grows so quickly, looks very snazzy and is just so darn snuggly! 


PS - Thanks soooo much to those of you who are joining in my Autumn Views Challenge, Im so excited to see your photos as we experience the season!  Mind you, Im having "Blogger Issues" as it wont let me load up any more images to my sidebar as I have "exceeded my quota" so I cant post my own challenge button to my own sidebar - what a cheek!!.  Do any of you know a way around this?


  1. Although there is a definite drop in the temperature here in Lincolnshire, I think our trees are trying hard to pretend its still summer! I guess once the leaves start to change colour it will all be in a rush. Love the knitting, very fancy and the colour is great.

  2. Wish I could help but I'm rubbish at this techno stuff! Ada :)

  3. I love that kind of yarn but i'm hopeless at working with it! Autumn is great, gives me perfect excuses to make scarves, blankets and hats :D

  4. I think that kind of yarn would be a ton of fun to play with, I have yet to buy it but now seeing yours I am more intrigued. I wish I could join your Autumn fun, but since it will not be Autumn here until December, by then it will be Christmas fun. i had to buy more space for my blog because I had exceeded the free space provided by blggoer.
    i can't remember how I did it though,
    Good luck,

  5. The only way around your bloggy issues that I found was to delete some of the old swap buttons and photos. If you find another way let me know.
    I think it's a ploy to get you to upgrade the photo bucket thingy.

  6. hi,
    yes i'd say delete the old buttons. You could always add a new swap button if you fancied it. i'd organising a stocking swap again if you fancied it. x

  7. Oh that knitting looks wonderful - is it a special stitch and/or is the thread especially lacey? I am not a proper knitting so this may seem a very daft question indeed! Also sorry that I cannot help with Blogger which is very Bloggy a great deal of the time!
    Thank you for stopping by
    Best wishes


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