Sunday, 7 July 2013

Crochet in the Garden

Hi everyone - how lucky are we to have this lovely spell of weather at a weekend?  I have been making the most of it and sitting out in the garden to craft, read and use the laptop.  I was outside until after midnight last night, and it still wasn't quite dark!

I have finally finished the crochet tissue box cover for my mum-in-law (good job as my brother in law is due to visit and he will be taking it to her on my behalf).

The squares that make up the box are a bit different to the usual Granny, I really enjoyed making them as each round was different to the one before.  I have to admit that I get quite bored making the usual Granny Square (yes, that is a terrible admission from a Crochet Addict but its true).

The pink flower is actually the first few rounds of the pattern that makes up the square

It wasn't as straightforward to actually construct the box as I had thought, I unpicked my first attempt!  But I think it looks alright now...

So after that I decided to flip through one of my favourite magazines, Martha Stewart Living.  I have really cut back on buying magazines, as the cost was getting silly - and often they can be quite repetitive.  But I just cant do without MSL.  I just love the photography they use - look at the deliciousness on the cover this month:

And these ice creams had me drooling

The recipes however say that an ice cream maker is needed - and I don't have one of those.  Do any of you lovely bloggers have any tips regarding how to get around this?

Each issue is crammed with recipes, homemaking tips and crafts.         This 4th July craft idea would have looked great last year for the Jubilee celebrations - it uses a decoupage technique with old wooden trays and tea towels:

It could work well with other tea towels, I reckon I'm going to have a go at this if I can source some old wooden trays (look out charity shops, here I come!!)
Well, enough MSL eye candy for today, I have got to go off and do some much needed housework.  But before I go - just look what Darling Daughter has made for dessert (its a Death by Chocolate Cheesecake!!)

Yum yum - good job I will be working up an appetite!!

Have a wonderful Sunday