Saturday, 30 November 2013

Remember, Remember the Month of November...

...and the end of October too.

Hello again, quite a while since I've been here!  And what a busy few weeks it has been to be sure!

This time of the year, Autumn, is my favourite of all, and boy have we been busy making the most of it, so busy in fact that I didn't have any time to spend on the internet!  Added into that we have had some exams (DD) UCAS (DS3), and huge amounts of coursework (DS1 and DS2).  I am now putting the final touches to my thesis, but the university has extended the deadline without my asking, something to do with the restructure they are doing - well, cant complain can I?!

So, here are a few compilations of what we have been up during these last few busy but very enjoyable autumn weeks.

First of all - Halloween!  As usual my bestest friend Sue and her DD came to visit and we went out on our usual walk around the neighbourhood.  We then came back to a lovely tea of spicy soup, lovingly prepared by my DH - bless him!

I love Jack O'Lanterns and anything remotely pumpkin-related!

Next up it was Bonfire Night, again celebrated at Sue's home, she has a lovely big garden, very necessary with the huge bonfire we have every year.

Then the next week we saw the arrival of our yearly Street Fair - this time Sue couldn't come with us as sadly she wasn't feeling well, but her lovely daughter came along with us.  I had a spin on the Waltzers ("scream if you want to go faster!!!!!") and then became incredibly brave and went on the biggest big wheel I had ever seen at a fair.  It was very scary, especially when waiting at the top for other riders to board below!  In fact I was so wobbly afterwards I had to have a helping of candy floss to recover (at least that's what I told everyone ;))

Of course we have managed a few walks in our beautiful local Outwoods, looking wonderful in all it's Autumn Glory:

And of course, all this activity had us working up quite an appetite, so we have done a bit of baking:  pumpkin ginger biscuits, Yorkshire Parkin and pumpkin cupcakes

Now, autumn is beginning to draw to a close, I'm always sad to see it end, but looking forward to crisp winter days and the festive season.

Hope all is well with you and yours, and that my bloggy friends from the US had a very happy Thanksgiving.


PS - Amanda, your Autumn Swap parcel has been posted, hope you will receive it soon, thanks so much for your patience xx