Monday, 10 September 2012

Autumn is in the air...

Hello everyone

Well, there is a definite nip in the air early in the mornings and in the evenings.  Inspiring me to return to my favourite, autumnal palette.

Im busy working on some autumnal themed items at the moment - this is a sneaky peek

And finally it is the time of year to go out on a fungi photo forage - just look at what I chanced upon recently in our local outwoods

The next photo is my favourite, I was really pleased with the depth of field

Autumn - my favourite season of all!



  1. I spy a pumpkin :) I do love Autumn - especially the sunny days.

    My crafting however has taken a very festive twist - tree decs galore!!

  2. Autumn really does seem to suit you and your crafting :) see you in a bit....
    Sue Xxx

  3. I do agree, there is something about autumn that I just love. So cozy and romantic, the colours and the clothes - my favorite season.

  4. Autumn is a lovely time of year! Fab fungi pics :)

    Estelle xx

  5. Ooh, your sneaky peaks have me intrigued, especially the one with the leaf, looks very interesting! I love autumn too, especially warm misty days like we had this weekend

  6. I wish we had Autumn here, I miss it so much. Beautiful pictures today.

  7. I like autumn, it is a great time to get all cosied up and wrapped up he he! I love all the colours of the trees as well :)

  8. Wonderful fungi. Do I spy a knitted pumpkin?
    Julie xxxxxx


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