Saturday, 28 July 2012

Let the Games Begin!!

Hello everyone!

Im still breathless from watching the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games - absolutely spectacular! 

The pictures below are taken from the BBC News website- I was not lucky enough to actually be there...

The noise made by these fireworks must have been phenomenal!!

But for me, the highlight was the lighting of the spectacular cauldron

It appealed to both my husband and I - he as an engineer and me as someone with "artistic tendancies"!!  And I loved the fact that young athletes lit the cauldron - very fitting to the motto of the games "inspire a generation".

Good luck to all the teams - but especially team GB!!!!


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Olympic Torch visits my home town!!

Hi everyone, just a quick post - what a day! Our town came to a standstill as the olympic torch relay came to visit us!  I was so excited.   I took a video of the torch bearer, so the following photo is courtesy of the good old BBC

 It was a very moving thing to actually see the torch "for real" - its something I have always wanted to see.  We took our students to watch, they had a great time and behaved really well.  All in all, a lot of fun was had by all!

If you would like to see more/better pics, please visit my Good Friend Sue's Olympic post

Come on team GB :)  do us proud!!