Saturday, 30 June 2012

June 2012 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Well, its time for the June photo scavenger hunt - halfway through the year now....where has the time gone to?


So on to the first category:

sleep - or should I say almost asleep - its surprising how quickly he springs into action if anyone heads towards the kitchen!!

 on the edge - spotted this ideallic house on the banks of the Cromford Canal on a walk over the Jubilee Weekend - what a beautiful place to live.

Now for the next two categories - before and after, a wonderful cake made by my lovely daughter for the Fathers Day - first pic before being decorated

and now, after - the completed article:

The cake also gets itself involved in another of the categories - close - a close up of the highly yummy decorations of jelly beans, chocolate and hersheys kisses

Next up we have symmetry - lines of olympic flags in readiness for the torch passing through our town next week:

out of reach - some goodies in a shop window all locked up safely


At night - a beautiful moon rising - and yes, I was moonstruck !!!!!!


and ... because we have had massive celebrations going on in June

diamond, crown, bunting and majesty are covered by the next few pics:


the crown is by the lovely Emma Bridgewater I think, and spotted in a shop window in town - we are lucky to still have some super independent gift shops

On the same themes - Here are the items I sent out for the Diamond Jubilee Swap which I co-organised with the lovely Sue from @home

Sadly, I didnt receive anything from my swap partner - I have tried contacting her but all to no avail.  Hope she is ok.....

Thanks for joining me on my June scavenger hunt, hope you have a great weekend!



Sunday, 24 June 2012

Moonstruckcreations now on Folksy!!

Hi everyone

Well, I finally went and did it - open up a Folksy shop that is!!

Here is a pic of my first ever listed item:

Please pop over and take a look -


Saturday, 23 June 2012

Craft fair report

Hi everyone, hope you are having a wonderful weekend - just checking in before the football kicks off to do an update about the craft fair I did with Sue last week!

It was a really enjoyable morning, spent with my dearest friend - chatting, crafting and drinking coffee.  We were even given some cakes at the end of the morning by one of the stall holders!

Here is our shared stall:

This is a closer view of my items for sale:

And here are some of the lovely things Sue had for sale:

Although the weather was truly diabolical,we both made a very small profit on top of the stall fee.  The weather certainly kept the people away - it just threw it down all morning.  And it didnt really get light...But the best bit was spending time with my friend!!  And whilst we were chatting away we came up with some very good ideas - more will be revealed later on this summer!

I even got to meet a fellow blogger - Sandie it was lovely to meet you at last!

Well, Im off to watch the footie - I love football, just as well with so many men in the house!  Just a pity Brazil dont get to play in this competition (well it is the EURO championships lol) as I really love to see them play.  I was lucky enough about 18 months ago to see them play in a friendly match against Ukraine - a truly amazing experience.  The atmosphere at the match was incredible!

Oh, and I got a real bargain today - Aldi are selling Marshmallow Fluff for £1.49, its usually much more expensive than that.  It is lovely on top of hot chocolate, and is veggie-friendly so perfect for me!  And also picked up bottle of Hersheys choc sauce for £1.99.  Happy days!!

Enjoy the weekend, Helenxx

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunshine Award

Hi everyone!!

I have been delighted this week to have been given the sunshine award by the lovely Kashi

Thanks so much Kashi, it makes up for all the sunshine we are NOT having over here in the UK at the moment!!

Here are the rules for the award.

Thank the blogger who nominated you - thank you Kashi!!

Answer the ten questions about yourself.

Nominate ten blogs for the award and let them know they have been nominated.

Here are the ten questions.

Favorite animal: cats - big ones, small ones, tame ones, wild ones - any type really!
Favorite drink: coffee - again any kind will do nicely!
Favorite number: 4 (well I have 4 kids!!)
Facebook or Twitter: neither - cant stand them.
My passion: my beautiful family
Giving or getting: Giving, although getting is also quite nice ;)
Favorite pattern: I love the geometric type pattern you find in places like the Alhambra in Spain
Favorite day of the week: Saturday - first day of the weekend!  From about 4pm on Sunday I get real feeling of foreboding, work the next day...
Favorite flower: so hard to pick - cant decide between roses, lilies and daffodils
Favorite country: Jordan - just love to visit there as much as possible it is the most beautiful and amazing place. 

And now on to nominate 10 of my favourite blogs.  There are so many that its hard to name just 10, but here goes:

Sue @ home
KC's Court
Sandie's Patch
A Tale from Toadstool House
Vintage Vicki
The Fabric Laboratory
About New York
Petunia Pill

Please pop over to their blogs, and tell them I sent you!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Helenxx

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Off to the fair!!

Morning - a very early start here at Moonstruck Towers (for a Saturday that is).

Thanks so much everyone for your kind wishes - just sorting out my last minute bits and bobs and then Im off to the fair!!

Will take my camera so hopefully will have a blog post about it all next week!!  Not sure if I will sell anything but if I dont try I wont know will I?!

Have a great weekend, Helenxx

Thursday, 14 June 2012

First ever craft fair for Moonstruckcreations!

Hi everyone!!

Very exciting news - well for me anyway!! Im joining in my first ever craft fair!!!!! The lovely and talented Sue, from @home  will be there as well.  Im very excited as a) it means I get to spend a whole Saturday morning with my wonderful friend and b) Im actually trying to sell my "makes", including crochet and fabric corsages, my signature felt hearts and a couple of other things.

Here are the details!

Craft Fair

Saturday 16th June 2012

9:30 – 1:30

Bishop Beveridge Club, Barrow On Soar

Come along to see lots of lovely homemade created crafts.   This will include lots of different styles of Jewellery, Bags, Homemade Cakes, Dolls Houses, Photographs, Handmade Soaps, Life like babies and lots more.

Refreshments Provided

Entrance 50p/Discount OAP/Students 25p


Please drop in if you are in the area!


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

May photo scavenger hunt challenge/photo upload problems

Hello, here we are again with another photo scavenger hunt - hard to believe that this is the 5th one...where has this year gone??

1st off - a dual one for good things/small packages

Some charming little moorhen chicks and their parent - not sure if its mama or papa!

Next we have fragrance

a highly fragranced hyacinth - how I love these flowers!

Next we have station/historic


this is Leawood Pumping Station near Cromford in Derbyshire - we had a lovely time walking around this area. Im really in to industrial architecture!

Now we are on to two categories - nose and do you see what I see? Taken at nearby Beacon Hill.

Now we are on to two more categories - one more tenuous than the other! Front page - pretty good, one of my Nigella books- and currency, as it it didnt cost much as it was from a local charity swap (yes I know, this is very very tenuous to say the very least!!)

Not keen on this new blog picture upload thing, its not letting me do what I want to do!

Hey ho, on to the next category - Beverage. A lovey hot chocolate at my favourite cafe in Bakewell:

and finally, before this new blogger photo upload thingy does my head in completely, the two final category - I saw NINE beautiful brown and YELLOW ducklings on my walk.

I have just previewed this post to see that the photos are all over the place - so sorry about this, hope you can make out what Im up to. If any of you can advise me re how to post photos in the order I want them in this new blogger I would really appreciate it!!


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bunting for the Jubilee

Hi everyone

Hope you have had a great Jubilee weekend so far - and another day to go!! I must say that Im quite in favour of this 2 day bank holiday business - perhaps we should all lobby the government to merge the 2 may holidays into one very long weekend like this! After all, it means factories only have to have closures over one week not too (more efficient) and tourism/retail gets a massive boost as people can get away for a decent break. Lets all write to our MPs lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, in honour of the jubilee I made some bunting for the first time ever!

I have to say that Im rather pleased with it! I got the fabric quite a while ago. Now the fabric below was only purchased on Saturday:

The shop also had some red London bus fabric as well, so I reckon I will got back next week to get some. Im thinking to make something London-themed for the olympics. Perhaps a patchwork cushion?

The bunting will be re-hung during the olympics as well. Even my DH got into the jubilee spirit this weekend and zoomed down to the supermarket to get some UJ flags for the car!!!

Hope the weather is kind to you, whatever it is you do today.


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilee Celebrations and June Make

Good morning!

Finally the gloriously long Jubilee weekend is here! I have been working 17 hour days this week - manic!!!

So...Just a quick post to show you what I made yesterday as a little jubilee gift for my darling mum.

She really liked it! I especially liked the queen of hearts ribbon.

My darling mum is 86 years old young and so remembers quite a few jubilees and coronations of earlier monarchs. Yesterday the schools around here had an extra day off so my daughter spent the day with her going through all her old photos of these occassions. They had a wonderful day.

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever it is you get up to!!