Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Where to begin....

Hello everyone - seems ages since I visited blog land.  Hope you are all well.

What a roller-coaster month it has been - first off, I was whisked away on a wonderful romantic getaway by the lovely Dr H as it was our silver wedding anniversary!  What a fantastic 5 days we had, we went to Granada in Spain to see the breathtaking beauty of the Alhambra.  I shall never forget it, the beauty of the place is absolutely beyond any description - simply magical.  Will share photos soon hopefully.

But, on landing back in the UK we were met with the news that my darling Mum had taken really ill on the day we were due to return.  She is 87 and had been sticken by a severe bout of flu - even though she had a flu vacination in the autumn as usual.

So it has been terribly worrying, we have all been spending as much time as possible with her. 

And today, 2 weeks later, she is finally starting to make a good improvement - she has even started telling my brother off which is a really good sign ;)

So huge apologies to my swap partners for the sheer disorganisation on my part in getting things sorted and posted.  But the days have just slipped away and here we are fast approaching the end of February.  I have done no crafting at all this month which is really unusual.  But have had no time and with all the worry with darling Mum no inclination to craft either.   And have only had time today to catch up on personal emails, so have emailed my swap partners to explain.

Hopefully will be back soon.


Saturday, 9 February 2013

January Photo Scavenger Hunt

Hi there!

Well, here I am late for the first scavenger hunt of the year - tut tut.  But there are perfectly good reasons for this, which I will share soon!

But, as they say better late than never -

from top left then clockwise -

BLUE - a picture of a little local stream
PRODUCE - a fruit and veg stall on a market stall
WARM - yummy hot choccie!!
COLD - snow!

REFLECTION - in the park
12 - my birthday!
MAIL BOX - in the snow
STATUE - made to commemorate the olympics - I think it is supposed to represent synchronised swimming...

SIGN - for our bike path network in town
VIEW - in the park in the snow!

Well, must dash off, back soon.