Sunday, 3 July 2011

new uses for crochet flowers - and a giveaway!!

Hello everyone, hope your weekend is going wonderfully!  Havent we been enjoying some lovely sunshine?  I had a great day yesterday as I hosted 2 moonstruck birthday parties (for the soon to be 13 and 15 yr olds).  I can imagine you are saying to yourself "is that woman mad???? Enjoyed hosting kids parties???? You are having a laugh!!!!")  but if I tell you that the young 13 year old ladies had a craft party

and the 15 year old lads had a PS3 tournament party (1 involved a lot of input from me but was a ball as it was great to see the girls enjoying the crafts whereas the other involved throwing a few pizzas in front of the, it has to be said, very polite young gentlemen) then you can probably see my reasoning!  And once the girls parties had finished, my daughters lovely friend stayed to carry on the crafting (mixed in with tennis and badminton) whilst I sat in the garden with my hook

Can you see the little pile of granny squares in the foreground - more info to follow soon!!

So in true crafty moonstruck style, daughter asked me to make something for the young ladies to take home - she loves my crochet flowers, so I made a few:

salmon pink and lavendar:

spring green and purple:

lavendar and blue:

But rather than making them into corsages this time I attached them to headbands:

And it turned out that the girls could also wear them as necklaces and bracelets - multi-tasking with fashion at such a young age!!!!

I loved the look of all the flowers bunched up together:

"Wouldnt they look great wired onto florists stems and made into a posy" said my lovely friend Sue.  We were also chatting about the totally amazing fact that I have now got 47 followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!  "why dont you do a giveaway for when you reach 50 followers?  And you could make a bunch of these flowers for the prize?"  Now, I have known Sue for quite a while (!) and when she has an idea like that you can bet it is spot on.  So there you have it dear bloggy friends - A GIVEAWAY!!  The small print then:

you need to be a follower!
please leave a comment saying you are interested in the giveaway
My little blog needs to have hit at least 50 followers before the deadline which is 21 July (thought I would make this quite a long deadline as I know lots of you lovely people have holidays to look forward to!)
And thats it!

Well, Im off now for another coffee and then its hanging more washing out...

Have a great Sunday!



  1. NOW why didn't I think of having computer games parties when my boys were that age.......! What a lovely idea with the craft party and crochet flowers, must remember that when grand-daughter is of that age!

    May I join in your giveaway?
    There is a swap and giveaway on my blog too....
    Julie xxxxx

  2. Lovely ideas - glad you had fun at the parties. Please add me to your giveaway. I've got 11 followers to go before 50, but there'll be a giveaway if I ever reach it! xxx

  3. great ideas , just brill , count me in love HELEN XX

  4. Count me in for your lovely giveaway please! :o)

    C x

  5. I'd love a flower and love to follow you. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Happy Weekend,

  6. I'm already a follower! Count me in for the lovely giveaway too please :)xx

  7. What a great idea for your daughters party and the crochet flowers look beautiful.
    I'd love to be included in your giveaway please.
    Enjoy your Sunday - Ju xxx
    P.S I've tried to contact your via email about the fabric swap but I'm not sure that your getting my emails, would you mind dropping me a line -
    Lots of Love - Ju x

  8. Other than Chocolate, Pimms and new shoes my other favourite word is Giveaway ;) I'd love to be included :)

    My boys often have pizza & gaming parties for their birthdays - happy boys = Happy parents :)

  9. Girls just love these flowers don't they. Especially when you have given them all a different colour. I do miss the childrens parties I too had a craft one for my Duagher when she was younger and they loved it xx Grea blog find for me this evening. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. If possible I would love to be included in your giveaway x

  10. The parties sound great, I'd love to do a craft party if my kids are into crafts (we'll have to wait and see!). Please can I join in your giveaway, love the flowers! :) x

  11. I'm follower #48!!
    Count me in please!

  12. Oh please count me in i'm already a follower, love those pretty little flowers. A giveaway is such a good idea i'm at 46 might try a giveaway too. Stick your name in if i do come up with one:)
    Karen x

  13. Great party ideas! I love giveaways too! :)

  14. I am also crocheting squares at the moment(from Jane Brocket's book).have a look on my blog.I have just reached the 100.

  15. Hi Helen. How I wish my 13 year old was into craft parties! That would make me very happy! See what you mean about your gorgeous giveaway! I can see the exact spot for them. Yes please...can I join in? Lots of love Amanda xxx

  16. I am a follower, I have been for ages.... am I allowed to join in? I would love to win, I love crocheted flowers.... as you know.....The party was fab, J & H really enjoyed themselves, I loved the box H made.... I enjoyed a peaceful cup of coffee or two and some leftover pizza when it was all over, thank-you so much :)
    Sue Xxx


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