Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Heart swap goodies

Evening all, hope you have had a good day!

Well, Mr Postie did his thing and yesterday my heart swap parcel from Linda arrived much to my excitement!  And what a feast of goodies and treats awaited me!  I decided to be good and wait for my daughter to arrive home so we could open it together to cheer her up (her brother had found, and brought home, a dead cat - not one of ours thank goodness - earlier in the day).  We were both hopping about with anticipation!

So here we go:  lovely chocs a good start, and the same brand that I sent Linda (great minds thinking alike here) 

A beautiful bead heart, really reminded me of the jewels worn by Elizabeth the 1st:

And a lovely corsage in some of my favourite colours:

Then we unwrapped super sweet Lovehearts lip gloss and cheeky cockrel coasters:

A delicate heart keepsake box and soothing heart-shaped bath fizzers (from one stressed out teacher to another, love it!)

And the whole lot together, including the cute kitty card!

Am I a lucky lady or what?!!

Thanks so very much Linda for all these lovely swap goodies, I feel truly spoiled!



  1. I'm glad you like them Helen. The parcel that you sent me is still in the Royal Mail sorting office! I was out when it arrived on Saturday but I duly arranged online for them to redeliver to my local PO today - left work early to rush home with great excitement and catch the PO before it closed only to be told it hadn't been redelivered. I rang the sorting office and they have apologised and promised it will be redelivered tomorrow - can't wait. xxx

  2. A lovely swap parcel to receive! I thought I was following you already, but apparently not (I am now!) so hadn't seen your recent posts, silly me. Now I can keep up-to-date on my dashboard! Have a good week! :) x

  3. Beautiful hearts a plenty!

    Please drop by to pick up your award!


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