Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Monday night sewing and a swap....

Evening all - well spring has officially arrived in the moonstruck household - Sue from crafts@home and I did our spring makes  me sing swap last night during our regular sewing get together!  Mind you, no sewing happened as we were so busy drooling over the lovely spring goodies.  How we giggled when we found we had been partnered - we have been friends for beyond a long time and live near each other!  It was so lovely to do the swap in person.  It was Sue who really encouraged me to get into blogland and Im so glad I took her advice as Im having a ball!

I will be posting photos shortly of our goodies, but in the meantime our daughters put us to shame and actually did some crafting:


a lovely little wool flower, destined either to be a corsage or to be joined by others in a garland - which do you think would be best?  My daughter can make these better than I can - what is that all about?!

Thanks again so much crafts@home for all my lovely springy treats - I feel truly spoiled!


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  1. Hello Helen.

    What a clever daughter you have, I think both would look good.

    Lou xxx


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