Thursday, 24 March 2011

Spring Makes Me Sing Swap

Hello again, hope you are all enjoying the spring sunshine!

If you are a reader of the crafts@home blog (which I highly recommend to you - no, she doesnt pay me for the publicity!!) you will know that my fabulous friend Sue and I were paired up for the SMMS swap - as we only live a mile away from each other, this meant we could swap IN PERSON!!!!!  So we decided that we would swap on the first day of spring.

Look at the lovely things I received:

This is a beyond beautiful egg shaped pincushion in an egg cup (I used to have an egg cup similar to this when I was little).  Im always losing pins when we are doing our sewing together, so this is just the thing I needed!

Two votive candle holders, all hand painted by Sue with springy daffodils - these look amazing when lit:

 Some cute as pie bunny biscuits, baked especially by Sue  for me for the swap (did the moonstruck crew's eyes light up when they saw them!)

And then there was this little beauty:

Not spring colours?  Well, you see the beauty of us being paired up for this swap is that we have been the best of friends since the first day at art college (which only seems a couple of years ago but is a bit longer than that.....)  and although I love all the bright springy colours I do favour autumnal/winter/muted colours - whenever Im in a yarn or craft shop those are the colours I am drawn to.  So she made this for me in the colours which I love the best.

AND - as if all these goodies werent enough, apparently she has an extra something for me but, in the tradition of having four kids like me, has misplaced it somewhere so as soon as it is found I will blog about it here!

All in all lovely goodies from a highly talented lady.  Thanks so so so much for everything.



  1. Lovely swap pressies :)

    I've been paired with Sue before and have just had a wonderful birthday swap pressie from her too - she is indeed a talented lady :)

  2. clever easter idea that pincushion egg !
    oh daffodils - a terrible day in Northern Tasmania weather wise - and i have started see Daffies on all the Brit blogs :(

  3. Lovely swap gifts! I'd love an egg pincushion - so pretty and spring-y! Sue is very versatile and talented. It's lovely you've known each other so long.
    Helen x

  4. I read Sue's post yesterday, what lovely swap items you both received, what luck to be paired together! Love everything but especially that little egg cup, so very sweet and such a nice idea to turn it in to a pin cushion! Bet those biscuits were yummy too! Jenny x

  5. You were lucky Helen! Thank you for all your lovely comments on creJJtion, I love reading them. The hexagons are a try-out for a blanket that will match the Michael Miller fabric I used for the bags. But I think they are great as solitaires, but not in a blanket. So I am trying a few different options... may be I will post about them this weekend, depending on the progress :-).
    Love, Maaike

  6. Hi Helen, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a new follower here!

  7. My gosh, what beautiful things. Such inspiration.


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