Friday, 25 March 2011

Walking to work photo challenge

Hi everyone - well the weekend is finally here (at one point this week I thought it would never arrive!).  I enjoy walking to and from work everyday (its a couple of miles each way according to my trusty pedometer) because, my job (teaching) is a little bit stressful (!!) and it helps me to clear my head and unwind both before and after my day.  And it is a cheap way to get fit too!

All very good I hear you cry - but one of my regular visits to I came accross her recent post which had lovely photos of her walk to and from work.  What a great idea I thought - must have a go!  So armed with my camera and with the intention to shrug off any odd looks from other folks going to work I did just that this morning.

Said goodbye to this cheeky cat sitting on our front fence:

then took a couple of seconds to take in this yellow lovliness in the front garden:

Then put my best foot forward and set off!  The hills in the distance are one of my favourite walks, its lovely living in a town but with the countryside right on my doorstep

This group of trees always reminded me of the illustrations of the 100 Acre Wood in an old Winnie the Pooh book given to me when I was little

Much of my walk follows a lovely stream that originates in woodland about 5 miles away

Have played Pooh sticks more times than I would care to remember from this little bridge:

This funky cycle path sign post almost makes me want to take up cycling (well, almost......)

Letter to post on the way into work? - this Victorian pillar box will do the job nicely:

My darling mother helped to plant the blossom trees in the next picture back in the 1930's when she was in the Girl Guides - she taught me so much about arts and crafts, and spends a lot of time with my kids (even though she is in her 80's) showing them how to paint and draw

Past the tennis courts now - the court cover arrives stealthily in the autumn like an alien craft:

Blossom and flowers to cheer the soul:

Lovely decorative railings near the entrance of our local museum:

Look at these amazing wicker sculptures splashing across the facade

Well, journeys end now and I have arrived at my office and booted up the computer.  Now where have I seen that wallpaper before.......

Thank you so much for staying with me on my commute to work, and thanks amanda for inspiring me to do this challenge!

If you walk to work, why not take up the photo challenge yourself? 



  1. That was a great walk! You sure have a nice way to go. Thanks for sharing.

  2. fab walk, I love photographing and blogging the places I find on my lunch break walk, I must try my walk to work.(I don't do it every day).

  3. What a lovely walk - no chance of me walking to work though I work 27 miles away from home! Just to let you know too that I posted your swap parcel this morning, please let me know when it arrives safely. xxx

  4. Aw Helen..I love your walk to work! What a lot of interesting things to see. I adore those wicker things! They look like giant wasps nests don't they? Thanks for playing my dear. Love, Amanda xxxx

  5. good idea that walk. I have been walking further than usual these past two days with my young dog. I had to have the old girl put to sleep on Thurs so I am walking to take the edge off. Both days I took photos but haven't got around to posting them yet .After seeing yours, I must make the effort. Thank you. It looks lovely in your part of the world

  6. Lovely post Helen, do I get a prize for knowing exactly where all the photos were taken? :)
    Sue Xx

  7. Lovely walk and really great for the waistline. I bet you sleep very well at night many perks.


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