Sunday, 20 March 2011

Crochet, cakes and bunnies

Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying the sunny weather - spring tomorrow - yay!  Seems like it has been a long time arriving this year.

Just a few bits to blog about today - first of all, a WIP - a crochet cushion:

Sorry the pic is a bit dark, the light was awful when I took the photo.

Now on to some yummy cakes my daughter made:

She is a good cook, very patient, likes to take her time getting things just right.  As you can imagine, these didnt last very long!

Finally, during my Monday night sewing evening with my dear friend my daughter and suepops daughter made these little chaps:

We thought they made a good pair, although a few of them attached to a length of ribbon would make a great garland.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, enjoy!



  1. The cushion is beautiful and the cakes your daughter made look so tasty! :) x

  2. The cushion is so pretty. Lucky you with such a creative daughter too....yummy cupcakes and cute little bunnies.

  3. The cushion looks amazing, and the cakes, so there won't be any left for tomorrow night then :(

  4. Thanks for following my blog and leaving a comment yday:) those cakes look scrummy, you have a very clever daughter! xxx


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