Friday, 4 September 2015

Life in the Pit Lane!

Hello everyone!

Well, Thursday arrived, and with it our chance to revisit the pitlane at Spa-Francorchamps.  We had such a great time there last year.

We queued for nearly three hours, then a mad rush to get a position outside favourite team garages.  The boys raced off to Ferrari, which is always a madly crowded affair, but DD, me and DH headed for the Williams garage as DD is a great fan of Felipe Massa, and I was also quite interested to meet the rising Finnish star, Valteri Bottas.  I love the driving style of the Finnish F1 drivers, Mika Hakkinen, and of course Kimi Raikkonen.  And on the way to the track we found out that Ferrari have signed him to drive for them again in 2016 - such jubilation!!

And the bonus, the Williams garage was next door to Ferrari, so we had a clear view there too.

Fascinating watching the mechanics prepare the cars...

Taking the cars for scrutineering...



Force India...

Torro Rosso...

More final preparations...

And then, DD let out a squeak - Mr Felipe Massa emerged from his garage...

He graciously signed autographs, DD still hasn't descended from cloud 9, thanks Mr Massa for making her day!

Valteri Bottas, a rising F1 star...I was able to use my entire Finnish vocabulary when thanking him (i.e. Thank you very much!) I think he was quite surprised, but understood me and thanked me in English!

Such excitement! 
Then a huge cheer went up from the Ferrai fans - Mr Kimi Raikkonen, the 2007 F1 World Champion, and our family favourite, had arrived!

DH shouted "KIMI!!" rather loudly so I got a great shot of the Iceman (his nickname) looking straight into my camera lense...

One of his mechanics shared a joke and we were treated to a rare smile, Kimi is known for his cool, calm demeanour and it is said, by some, that he doesn't smile often, but he did on this day...

Sons managed to get autographs but we were not near enough.  But it made our day watching him chatting with the fans and his mechanics and team mates.

Then the Ferrari Team Principal came out of the garage too and spoke to some of the Ferrari fans in front of their garage.  I had my Ferrari cap and cheekily called to him to come over to where we were... and being a very nice chap he did just that!

He kindly signed my Ferrari hat - I was very pleased! And of course I thanked him for signing Kimi again, he was very gracious and friendly.

Then - another world champion was spotted - Jacques Villeneuve , soon to be a Formula E driver next season, being interviewed by a TV crew...

What an afternoon!

After all the excitement with the drivers we allowed to walk onto the track itself...

The pit straight....

Exit of La Source...

All of this set us up very nicely for the race weekend!

Back soon hopefully with Friday practice!!



  1. How exciting for you and your family! I look forward to seeing the next installment! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. How fantastic!!!!! Motor racing is such fun isn't it!!! xx

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