Saturday, 2 April 2011

Another Grand Day Out - and an Award!

Good morning!  Weekend is finally here - woop woop!!!!!

Well, yesterday, I managed to get the day off work.  DH however did not, so I decided to call my bestest friend Sue to see if she could come out to play (i.e. go somewhere nice to browse around delightful shops!).  Although she had a pile of things to do, including interesting stuff like washing, tidying etc, she very nicely agreed.  So, giggling like the pair of naughty college students we once were, we hopped into her car and whizzed along to a local town, Ashby.  We had been meaning to go for ages.

And what a lovely little market town it is - just look as these shop window displays:

A K&W themed window at the local crafts supplies shop:

Flowers everywhere - well it is almost Mothers Day!

Loved these primulas in the cheery bags so much I got one for my darling Mum:

And we both thought this was gorgeous:

We love going down little alleyways and courtyards to discover charming independent shops:

Here are some of the lovely treats I bought home - such lovely colours!  and I love the way the fat quarter is folded, Im almost relucant to use it!!

So, after a jolly good time in Ashby we decided it was time to move on to pastures new, so we jumped back in the car and went over to the nearby Ferrers Centre.  First of all you have to give the correct password to this imposing fellow:

His faithful friend is inside, guarding the entrance to one of the shops:

These cheeky chappies popped up from amongst the flower pots:

Its just such a lovely setting, with lots of little shops  run by local crafts people

The neighbouring garden centre led to a purchase of a delicious Moroccon Mint plant

 And then all too soon it was time to head back home to see what kids and partners had been up to!

Thanks for coming along for the ride - posting today has been somewhat lengthy (blogger playing up a bit) perhaps this little chap had something to do with it

(spotted at the Ferrers Centre!)

And finally, now on to the award I was given this week by the lovely Clara - thank you so much Clara, it means a lot to me.  Those of you who are my regular readers will know that I am relatively new to blogging.  Im always really pleased and humbled to see that I now have followers and regular comments on my posts. 

So now I have to give 7 facts about me (!!)

1 - I am totally obsessed by hearts!!
2 - I love watching birds from my window, but have to keep a close eye on my cats!
3 - I have been crocheting on and off for 40 years (I was a very young girl when I learned this craft ;) )
4 - I am a very, very bad influence on my friend Sue from crafts@home ;)
5 - Sue from crafts@home is a very bad influence on me!!
6 - I would love a little summer house/cabin in my garden so that I can escape in there to do my crafts (DH are you listening my dear?!)
7 - My day job is teaching young people aged 16-19 who are very disengaged and challenging - and yes, I have taught some of the lads crochet - they loved it!!  And no, they didnt beat me up when I suggested it!!

So now it is time to pass on the award.  I would like to nominate the following:

Thanks to you all for giving me so much pleasure reading your blogs!

Have a wonderful day, whatever it is you get up to!  Helenxx


  1. look's like a Fantastic day out, well done on your award. have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Helen , it wasn't untill I saw the ferrers centre that I realised Ashby could be with my reach for a day out . You made it look so inviting I'm off to check out the distance :0)
    love that fabric
    Jacquie x

  3. Thank you again for dragging me out for another lovely day out,
    Sue Xx

  4. Ashby is lovely for a little stroll and so very close to home for us. I see you enjoyed time at the Ferrers Centre too - I like to 'play' there also ;-) S X


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