Monday, 20 January 2014

Crochet Blanket Challenge - week 3

Good evening everyone - wow am I feeling tired today!  I only had about 4 hours sleep last night, my brother in law had arrived back from his 4 week break and called us from Heathrow to announce he would drop in for a coffee and a break - this is all great but he arrived at our house just after midnight!  I then drove 90 miles today for my job, and have an evening of thesis writing to look forward to...but thought I would just drop by and share my progress on the crochet square front for last week.

Even though last week was very hectic, what with work and study, somehow I managed to make 7 squares - not one a day, one day I made three and other days I made none.  But I am really chuffed I managed to make so many...

I now have 26 squares made, here they are all together:

I can now see a blanket taking shape!

At least I know my efforts will be appreciated, here is my cute cat Tiger asleep on a cushion I crocheted a couple of years ago:

Have a lovely evening!



  1. The blanket is looking great, hope you get some rest.

  2. Well you should feel chuffed, Helen, because you have accomplished a lot. Along with Meredith, I hope you get caught up on your rest now! xx

  3. That's sounds like a busy and tiring day but you are making super progress on your blanket you should be very pleased xx

  4. This is looking great! yeah, well done you for keeping up with it even though the rest of your life is so busy!!


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