Saturday, 18 January 2014

Crochet Blanket Challenge - week 2

Good morning!  A very grey and damp one here, but as I have to do a morning's work on the final analysis of my research project I don't really mind - I'm aiming to wrap up working on that for today at around 2pm so if it could brighten up a bit at that point that would be nice :)

I realised that I hadn't posted about last week's crochet square progress.  I managed to knock out 4 (3 above target, sorry, couldn't resist putting that in, as an education co-ordinator I am always tracking "added value" regarding the grades and qualifications achieved by the students I manage!!).

Here they are together:

The colours in the photo are not quite as they are really, the blue of the top right square is much more subtle and "washed out".  Teresa had noted a similar issue with her camera when taking photos of some beautiful purple irises - must be something about that part of the colour spectrum.  But have no idea what!

Anyhow, here are all the squares made so far:

...that makes 19!  As the squares are made from 7 rounds of treble clusters and one finishing row of double crochet they are quite a decent size, the length of this little group together is around 1 yard (or about a metre for those of us who work in metric measurements).  So a good start has been made even when things slow up a bit.  And they might, as just before Christmas I ordered myself a little crafty treat, it arrived this week (all the way from the States).  And it will keep me out of trouble for many, many, many hours!!!!  So crochet squares will be made in and around that new project.  It will take a lot of concentration and effort, and progress will be, by the very nature of the project, a lot slower than crochet.  Crochet will be reserved for those times when I want to craft but don't really have the energy for strict concentration.  Any ideas, dear friends, what the new project could be?

Well, had better make a strong cup of coffee and get those research sheets out.  Will treat myself to a bit of hooky time once I have finished for the day (my poor old brain will be too worked out to tackle my new project!).

Have a lovely Saturday, Helenxx


  1. I like the muted colours, what is the yarn is it wool or acrylic?

    1. Just having a sneaky break from research - cup of coffee time!! The yarn is a mix, some is 100% acrylic and some acrylic/wool mix.


  2. Your post made me laugh becuase I 'treat' myself to crochet after chores or real work.....hee hee and your squares are lovely too
    daisy xx

  3. That will be a great blanket! For a next project, you might consider a Japanese Flower shawl, they turn out so pretty. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Love the squares, that is going to be a beautiful blanket. Hugs to you and good luck on the paperwork,

  5. Love the subtle shades
    Clare x

  6. It's coming on a treat, can't wait to see what's come all the way from the USA! :) x

  7. How interesting that your in-law's are from Jordan. My husband has a printing press in Amman so we have reason to go there often. He actually gets to go more than me. Some of the family we met up with had actually traveled from Jerusalem. I saw them there about 8 years ago or so. Was nice to see how the children had grown and one extra one added to the bunch. :)

    Love those squares. I need to go crochet something now. Hope the research is coming along. Best wishes, Tammy


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