Friday, 2 August 2013

Diamonds are forever...

Good evening!

Well I'm pleased to report some improvement on the painful toe front - have been totally resting, reading and generally taking it easy.  Just the ideal time for some crochet therapy...

Armed with my favourite crochet mag, "Simply Crochet" I began running up some diamond shapes...

I didn't want to start on a big project, and these were ideal as it didn't take too long to run up the amount I needed...

They were quite interesting to make as each round used a different combination of stitches...

And - ta dah!  A star shaped pot stand...

I just had to try it out with my latest charity shop find, a vintage coffee pot (in my more usual favourite autumnal shades) probably from the late 1960's or early 1970's I reckon (not that I'm an expert in these things!)

I will give the mat a once-over with the iron once I'm properly back on my feet again, but in the meantime I feel really happy having finished a little crochet project this afternoon. 

Have a great weekend everyone, not sure what the weather forecast is like, we have had a few downpours here this afternoon, but glorious sunshine in between.



  1. Glad to hear you are on the mend :) your crochet is lovely xx

  2. Brilliant, using your free time productively

  3. I am sorry to hear your toe has been giving you grief....
    I love love love your crochet diamonds!!! And that coffee pot is a very awesome find!
    Have a great weekend, feel better,

  4. Wow, that turned out superb! I'm glad to hear that your toe is improving.. sometimes those go on and on. Take it easy and enjoy you hooky time. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. SO glad you are feeling a bit better, love your crochet it is really a great pattern.
    Hugs to you Helen,

  6. Helen! I somehow missed a bunch of your posts and just scrolled back to catch up. I enjoyed seeing your projects and especially like the one in this post...another for my want to make list :)

    I am so sorry that you are contending with gout!!! [You should feel chuffed that you could tell the doctor you were innocent of over indulgence in any of his list of causes :)]

    Wishing you well!!!
    Gracie xx


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