Sunday, 11 August 2013

Maybe its because I'm a Londoner...

...that I love London so...

Actually, I'm not a Londoner, I hail from the Midlands in the UK, but I absolutely LOVE London - whenever I get the chance to go, I am in the car and heading for the M1 in a heartbeat!!

So, as part of our mini-break, when DH casually mentioned "do you fancy a day out in London this Saturday?" I had the sandwiches packed and camera charged before he had barely finished speaking!

We arrived in the capital just after 12 noon, all ready for a grand day out.  And yes, I did get through 2 camera batteries!  This time I have made some themed photo collages, I hope you enjoy looking through them as much as I enjoyed making them. 

So, are you all sitting comfortably - then I will begin

Some of the traditional London sights you can enjoy on a visit to the city:  St Pauls, London Eye, County Hall, Tower of London, Victorian Postbox (spotted near London Bridge), BT Tower (and London Bus!), Tower Bridge

One of my sons is totally fascinated by skyscrapers, I have to admit that I do share his fascination.  Here we have a range of London's finest examples:  The Shard, The Shoehorn, The Midland Building and The Gherkin (great names I think!!)

Borough Market - I wish that I could somehow transmit the wonderful smells coming from all the food stalls we saw there!  Just look at all those handmade the old Potato merchants sign..

These are scenes that Charles Dickens would have been familiar with.  I have love his books since starting to read them when I was 7 years old.  The clock is mentioned specifically in "David Copperfield".

London by night - Nelson's column in Trafalgar Square, Mews on the Mall, Admiralty Arch, the Star Flyer ride on the South Bank, London Eye and Wellington Column.

And finally, some more unusual finds:

both spotted in shop windows!!

loved the name of this sculpture!

And who knew I was THIS famous ;) 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read through this post, I think, lovely readers, you all deserve this:

Have a wonderful Sunday!



  1. And thank you for taking us along to visit such a fantastic city.

  2. I miss London which made me enjoy your post even more!


  3. Thank you for the tour! I really want to go someday.

  4. Thanks for the tour and I understand completely how two batteries can be used up! x

  5. Gorgeous pics, wonderfully collaged :) thanks for the tour!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  6. Great pictures. I am a londoner and enjoy going back for a visit but couldn't live there any more.

  7. Very exciting, we are off there in the half term and I can't wait! :) x

  8. Coming from London it was a real treat to read and see your blog! I miss the place so much so visit as often as I can (now in Lincolnshire) but get so homesick when I come back home. I can't wait for Autumn when I return again and this time will see London by night. Great post and beautifully photographed (thanks for the follow by the way!). Chel x

  9. Lovely collages of an amazing city - my sister lives in London so I love popping down in the train to spend a day there too every now & again. Didn't realise you are in the Midlands too - have a wee look at my last post: we're having a little bloggy get-together next month, it'd be fab if you'd like to come along. Very informal - just the opportunity to meet up, natter and enjoy some yummy cake. Have a happy week,
    Love Gilly xx


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