Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Just around the corner...

Hello everyone, hope you have had a good start to the week.

As regular readers will know, Autumn is my favourite season.  And at the moment it is so close I can almost feel it.  Darker evenings, cooler mornings, grass covered in dew in the mornings, even the air smells autumnal.  And over the weekend the weather was grey and dull (I have to admit to enjoying that after all the hot weather we have had during the summer). 

On my way to work the other morning I enjoyed taking some "almost autumn" photos.

These elderberries are almost ripe but not quite.  I really would like to go foraging for elderberries - does anyone have a good recipe for elderberry jelly?

Rosehips - just tinted with a blush of the red which will make these beauties sparkle in a few weeks time.  This particular shrub must be at least 45 years old, I remember gathering hips from it as a child with my Darling Mum.  She used to make rosehip syrup from them - full of vitamin C.

Late summer sunshine slanting through the trees...

Blackberries ripening nicely.  I love to gather these little treasures, yummy crumbles ahead.  One of my favourite autumn meals is a vegetable stew, cooked all day in the slow cooker.  I add some dumplings to this about 1.5 hours before I want to serve it, adding thyme to the dough, scrummy.  Then a yummy fruit crumble for dessert.  Warm, simple, homely, comforting and delicious.

As you saw in my last post, I have completed my summer cushion, and so I am now working on my Autumn Cushion - here is some work in progress:

I am so loving working with my favourite colours!



  1. I love seeing signs of fall and yours are lovely. The elderberries were always very important signs to me when I was a child as we had some elderberry bushes in the backyard of our house. Those and the red berries on the yew bushes; I always knew fall was near when I saw them.

  2. Lovely images of the impending season of yellow, orange, sage and brown. Almost time to bring out some Fall decor! But not until at least September 1st. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Your post today made me incredibly happy. I LOVE autumn and am enjoying the earliest signs of it tremendously:)
    Am looking forward to seeing all of your autumn creations!
    PS: The description of your veggie stew made my mouth water--yum!

  4. Beautiful pictures, Autumn is so far away from here, I miss it every year.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Autumn, My favourite season too, can hardly wait :0)
    Loving the Autumn crochet, I'm working away on an Autumn granny blanket too, must do a post soon :)
    Lovely Autumn~y pictures, take care love Julie xxx

  6. what a gorgeous post! I too love it, cant wait for it in full swing, I've got high hopes for lots of bright autumn colour around these parts this year. I never knew those little black beauty clusters were elderberries even though I've seen them many a time and even picked some for vases too - thank you!
    Thanks too for joining in the swap - hope you have fun!

    BH x


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