Saturday, 17 August 2013

Summer Crochet Cushion - work in progress

Well, the weekend is finally here, and I thought I would share a few photos of my progress with the summer crochet cushion I am currently working on.

You may have seen this post where, due to enforced rest I picked up some yarn and my trusty crochet hook and started making some granny squares.  These have now been sewn together to make a cushion front....

I love the colours - reminds me of summer gardens.  The squares are bordered by 6 rows of granny stripes to make the size right for a cushion - here is a collage I made of the four corners to show the detail:

In my original post I flirted with the idea of sewing the cushion front onto a plain, ready made cushion, but then changed my mind and started to make one large granny square for the back.  I think the back needs to be much plainer, thus the decision to make only one square with a touch of green in the middle, with the rest being white.  Here is my progress so far (only had an hour free to work on it this week, hoping to finish it this weekend in and amongst everything else happening)

and here we have everything together to get an idea of how the colour scheme works

I'm really enjoying this little project - it is so easy to just pick up and do a bit on it without having to concentrate too much.  What I like to call "chillin' crochet" (oh my word I have been working with teenagers for too long, I'm starting to talk like them now...someone call the men in white coats ;))

I love this time of year as we get to the end of the summer and I can really start thinking about my favourite season...Autumn.  Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, how I love you....I know so many of you really feel sad as the summer slowly draws to an end, but for me this is a real time of excitement and anticipation.  Autumn is often seen as melancholy time, when the best is now over but for me it is exactly the opposite.  I love the fact that the weather gets cooler and crisp.  The blueness of a sky on a beautiful autumn day is, in my opinion, the best of all blue skies.  The flowers at this time of year seem to be even more vibrant, delightful dahlias, colourful chrysanthemums, astonishing asters.  And as for the leaves - words fail me.  I love the smell of bonfires in the air.  Plenty of excuses for making delicious vegetable casseroles in the slow cooker.  Halloween.  Bonfire Night.  Our local street fair.  And yes, the fact that the evenings are shorter and we get to light the lamps and the candles earlier.  All of these make Autumn my favourite season of the year. 

This week I can really sense that autumn is just around the corner - quite cool in the mornings, squirrels in the park really busy squirreling away, and some autumn colour is starting to creep into my garden:

So, although the summer cushion isn't quite finished yet, I popped to our local market on Thursday and bought this little bag of goodies:

I have decided to make a set of these cushions based on each of the four seasons - and here are my autumn colours. 

And, if any of you are lovers of Autumn as I am, take a look at this autumn swap, organised by the lovely Blueberry Heart.  Entries close tomorrow (Sunday).  As you can imagine, I put my name down as soon as I saw it!

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. I love your cushion Helen and the idea of one for each season is brilliant - I love your autumnal colours. Have a good weekend
    Sue x

  2. A set of cushions for each season sounds like a perfect project. I LOVE Autumn, we don't get Autumn here in Florida, it is the season I miss the most. The smell in the air, leaves crunching under your feet, the colors, it is such a beautiful season.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Helen~
    I LOVE your latest project! The colors and design are fabulous...can hardly wait to see it completed!
    You and I both share a love for autumn--even reading your words about it excites me tremendously. And yep, we are also starting to see the first of the color change here in our blueberry leaves and elsewhere:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  4. Your cushion cover is coming along beautifully! I love autumn too, it's my very favorite season and I CAN'T WAIT for it be upon us.

  5. Your Summer crochet is gorgeous! I'll look forward to seeing the Autumn one :)

  6. I love the look of the cushion, hope you've started the autumn one by tomorrow night :) I hate the autumn, new terms, and the kids moving up a year or onto something new!

  7. Gorgeous crochet, I'm not thinking autumn just yet as I'm really enjoying this summer.....I am however starting to get my winter blanket yarn stash together! :) x

  8. I love Autumn, Spring and Summer -- but Winter is not my favorite as it gets so grey and cold here in Oregon. Love your crochet project! It's funny, but when Fall gets here I am drawn to orange, yellow and brown. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Hello Helen,

    Great to hear from you!

    I'll be in touch soon too meanwhile when I have a quiet moment I'll pop back into your blog to get to know you.
    I just love these swaps!!!!

    Have you got an email address I can contact as the email I received is no reply.

    Keep well

    Amanda xx

  10. I love Autumn also. It's my favorite time of the year, although I'm not especially found of the next one. :)
    Lovely blog. I am adding you to my reader so I won't miss any.

    Grammy Sharon


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