Sunday, 25 August 2013

Summer Cushion - completed!

Good morning everyone - here we are on a British Bank Holiday weekend!!  The last one before Christmas - there, I have said the dreaded "C word"!!  This year seems to have flown by so fast, must be getting old or something ;)

I completed my Summer Crochet Cushion earlier this week - what do you think?  Here it is, nestled on "my" chair:

The colours are, of course, much more vibrant, but the weather is so dull it is difficult to get a decent photo!

And here is the back, much plainer, very simple...

I have really enjoyed working on this project, so easy to pick up and put down, so essential when life is so hectic!  And here is my little friend with the cushion, evidently life is very hectic for him too!

He likes to sit on my "crafting" chair when he gets the chance! 

Well, I need to dash off for now as I am going up north to Bradford to visit friends.  We lived up there for many years and regularly return for a visit.  My DD has been there for the last few days staying with her friend up there, sounds as if she has had a great time judging by the text messages!

Hope you have a relaxing Sunday!



  1. How nice you have a daughter who texts you, my son rarely does, maybe it is a boy thing? Love your cushion and the Elise Shawl I made is found on Ravelry.
    Hugs and have fun,

  2. Great minds! I have just made a cushion not too unlike yours and in similar colours. Yours is lovely xx

  3. Your cushion turned out great! I love that you made the two sides different:)
    Have a safe trip!


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