Thursday, 1 August 2013


Well, there I was, minding my own business when...

...overnight I developed gout in my big toe!! 

Yes, yes, yes, it is very funny, especially when the Dr says "did you drink a lot of red wine recently?"  Me - "no don't drink any alcohol at all."

Dr -"ah ha, you have been eating a lot of red meat then"
Me - no, have been a vegetarian for about 35 years".

But my Dad and brother both had it and apparently it can run in families - although "run" is a silly word to use in this context as I can hardly walk!  It is so ridiculously painful.

I struggled into work yesterday, but today have had to work from home as I just could not stagger in again.  Which was great actually as I got loads of work done.  I have tomorrow off (work gave us an extra day off due to the excessive pressure we have been under recently) so a long weekend up ahead.  And I just have to sit and let people (AKA children on holiday) look after a bit of crafting and reading (in the garden if weather is fine again tomorrow) I think could be in order. 

Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the summer.



  1. Ouch! Indeed. Make the most of being looked after and I hope you feel better soon x

  2. Oh my. I hope you feel better soon. I knew someone else who developed gout and he had always had a healthy diet so it was unusual.

  3. I have heard that gout is quite painful--I truly hope that it will clear up quickly...

  4. Oh goodness.. I'm so sorry you got that.. hubby and I have both had it once. Neither of us have had it again. I hope it goes away fast and that you never get it again! Hugs, Teresa

  5. Oh no, hope it settles down soon! ( I know have an image of you as a portly middle aged gentleman in a suit and top hat, just like in the historical novels!) :) x

  6. Oh poor you, hope it goes away as mysteriously as it appeared.
    Julie xxxxx

  7. Nice day to be in the garden!
    Hope your gout goes away pretty soon!

    Sandie xxx

  8. Helen, you poor thing. I think sometimes nature has a way of forcing us to take some time and rest. Put your toe up, well with the rest of your foot of course and just rest, read, craft, enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. I have heard cherry juice is great for gout, look it up.

  9. Oh dear, poor you, that sounds so painful.....hope you get better very soon, and meanwhile enjoy a bit of well earned rest with your feet up. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend with a bit of crafting too.
    Helen x

  10. ouch!!! came to you from Mere's blog


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