Saturday, 23 June 2012

Craft fair report

Hi everyone, hope you are having a wonderful weekend - just checking in before the football kicks off to do an update about the craft fair I did with Sue last week!

It was a really enjoyable morning, spent with my dearest friend - chatting, crafting and drinking coffee.  We were even given some cakes at the end of the morning by one of the stall holders!

Here is our shared stall:

This is a closer view of my items for sale:

And here are some of the lovely things Sue had for sale:

Although the weather was truly diabolical,we both made a very small profit on top of the stall fee.  The weather certainly kept the people away - it just threw it down all morning.  And it didnt really get light...But the best bit was spending time with my friend!!  And whilst we were chatting away we came up with some very good ideas - more will be revealed later on this summer!

I even got to meet a fellow blogger - Sandie it was lovely to meet you at last!

Well, Im off to watch the footie - I love football, just as well with so many men in the house!  Just a pity Brazil dont get to play in this competition (well it is the EURO championships lol) as I really love to see them play.  I was lucky enough about 18 months ago to see them play in a friendly match against Ukraine - a truly amazing experience.  The atmosphere at the match was incredible!

Oh, and I got a real bargain today - Aldi are selling Marshmallow Fluff for £1.49, its usually much more expensive than that.  It is lovely on top of hot chocolate, and is veggie-friendly so perfect for me!  And also picked up bottle of Hersheys choc sauce for £1.99.  Happy days!!

Enjoy the weekend, Helenxx


  1. Your stall looked fab! Ooh gotta love fluff and Hershey's sauce! Mmmmmm!
    Victoria xx

  2. Such pretty things you both have for sale, shame about the lousy weather, but lovely to hear you both had a good time.... looking forward to hearing about your cunning plans!

    I went to a vintage & retro fair today to meet a fellow blogger too... Julie from KC's Court... I love meeting bloggers in real life, it's always great to put a face to the person I feel I have got to know over months or years

  3. Looks like you had fun too!
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Well done on such a fab stall - and for making a profit! Shame about the weather, but the good old British always make the best of it.

    I have never tried marshmallow fluff, sounds yummy though!


  5. It was a dissmal day weather-wise but such a lovely craft fair and it was nice to meet you too!
    I'm sorry I didn't buy anything from your stall, pennies are still very tight!
    I hope the first venture with craft fairs hasn't put you off having another stall at an event.

    Have a great week!

    Sandie xx

  6. Hello, sweet Helen! Lovely items for sale you`ve got there! Love them all :o)
    Have a sunny day

  7. Your stall looks lovey and I bet you did make a profit, you are so talented. Happy Sunday,

  8. I saw the marshmallow and hersys in Aldi. We;re having one of those weeks where we try and eat everything in the cupboards and buy as little as possible. It always saves us a few pennies. So unfortunatley I didn't buy.

    Thank you for folllowing - looking forward to following you as well!

    Kate x

  9. Hi Helen, I'm not entirely sure we should be let out alone together, we get up to far too much mischief!!!
    I hope our cunning little plan comes to fruition, meanwhile, what a lovely time we had.... we must do the Christmas one together.....
    Sue Xxx

  10. I'm glad you had a good time, and how nice to meet up with fellow bloggers.


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