Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bunting for the Jubilee

Hi everyone

Hope you have had a great Jubilee weekend so far - and another day to go!! I must say that Im quite in favour of this 2 day bank holiday business - perhaps we should all lobby the government to merge the 2 may holidays into one very long weekend like this! After all, it means factories only have to have closures over one week not too (more efficient) and tourism/retail gets a massive boost as people can get away for a decent break. Lets all write to our MPs lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, in honour of the jubilee I made some bunting for the first time ever!

I have to say that Im rather pleased with it! I got the fabric quite a while ago. Now the fabric below was only purchased on Saturday:

The shop also had some red London bus fabric as well, so I reckon I will got back next week to get some. Im thinking to make something London-themed for the olympics. Perhaps a patchwork cushion?

The bunting will be re-hung during the olympics as well. Even my DH got into the jubilee spirit this weekend and zoomed down to the supermarket to get some UJ flags for the car!!!

Hope the weather is kind to you, whatever it is you do today.



  1. Lovely bunting :o) Have a nice day, Helen!

  2. I love the bunting and you are right it will be perfect for the Olympics. Can't wait to see the bus fabric.

  3. Sharing the bunting love......looks great and well done hubby for getting into the spirit of things.

    Claire ;]

  4. Lovely bunting, but I think you are wrong about the bank holidays, every bank holiday should be two days at least, people are so much more relaxed :)
    Sue Xxx

  5. What pretty bunting!
    Yes, I loved all the jubilee fun on the TV.
    I'm feeling a very patriotic ex-pat!


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