Saturday, 30 June 2012

June 2012 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Well, its time for the June photo scavenger hunt - halfway through the year now....where has the time gone to?


So on to the first category:

sleep - or should I say almost asleep - its surprising how quickly he springs into action if anyone heads towards the kitchen!!

 on the edge - spotted this ideallic house on the banks of the Cromford Canal on a walk over the Jubilee Weekend - what a beautiful place to live.

Now for the next two categories - before and after, a wonderful cake made by my lovely daughter for the Fathers Day - first pic before being decorated

and now, after - the completed article:

The cake also gets itself involved in another of the categories - close - a close up of the highly yummy decorations of jelly beans, chocolate and hersheys kisses

Next up we have symmetry - lines of olympic flags in readiness for the torch passing through our town next week:

out of reach - some goodies in a shop window all locked up safely


At night - a beautiful moon rising - and yes, I was moonstruck !!!!!!


and ... because we have had massive celebrations going on in June

diamond, crown, bunting and majesty are covered by the next few pics:


the crown is by the lovely Emma Bridgewater I think, and spotted in a shop window in town - we are lucky to still have some super independent gift shops

On the same themes - Here are the items I sent out for the Diamond Jubilee Swap which I co-organised with the lovely Sue from @home

Sadly, I didnt receive anything from my swap partner - I have tried contacting her but all to no avail.  Hope she is ok.....

Thanks for joining me on my June scavenger hunt, hope you have a great weekend!




  1. My "sleep" was my cat, too. Wow, that cake looks yummy. Just love the moom and the Cromford house. Lovely set of pics,

  2. Oops I've 2 more photos to take today!! The end of the month has rather snuck up on me!!

    Lovely photos - bet that cake didn't last long!!

  3. Your cat looks alot like my Katie cat!
    Good blog title then...Moonstruck!
    Have a great weekend.
    Thanks for the Sunshine award by the way!
    I've tried blogging about it but, only part of the post appears! Think I'll have to comment on my own blog and ask folk to check out the comments to actually read the full post ....Blogger it!

    Sandie xx

  4. Love it!

    Shame about your swap. I was chatting with my friend who this happened to a few times.

    Kate x

  5. The house by the canal looks lovely.

    I've just taken my last ones today. Now I've got to sort through them!

  6. That house does look lovely! Great photos this month.


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