Wednesday, 6 June 2012

May photo scavenger hunt challenge/photo upload problems

Hello, here we are again with another photo scavenger hunt - hard to believe that this is the 5th one...where has this year gone??

1st off - a dual one for good things/small packages

Some charming little moorhen chicks and their parent - not sure if its mama or papa!

Next we have fragrance

a highly fragranced hyacinth - how I love these flowers!

Next we have station/historic


this is Leawood Pumping Station near Cromford in Derbyshire - we had a lovely time walking around this area. Im really in to industrial architecture!

Now we are on to two categories - nose and do you see what I see? Taken at nearby Beacon Hill.

Now we are on to two more categories - one more tenuous than the other! Front page - pretty good, one of my Nigella books- and currency, as it it didnt cost much as it was from a local charity swap (yes I know, this is very very tenuous to say the very least!!)

Not keen on this new blog picture upload thing, its not letting me do what I want to do!

Hey ho, on to the next category - Beverage. A lovey hot chocolate at my favourite cafe in Bakewell:

and finally, before this new blogger photo upload thingy does my head in completely, the two final category - I saw NINE beautiful brown and YELLOW ducklings on my walk.

I have just previewed this post to see that the photos are all over the place - so sorry about this, hope you can make out what Im up to. If any of you can advise me re how to post photos in the order I want them in this new blogger I would really appreciate it!!



  1. Shame your having trouble with blogger. Still fun to look at your post though.

  2. Hi, Helen! Love your pictures! I thought only I have a problems with apploading. Hope they`ll fix it soon :o)
    Have a nice day

  3. Hi Helen,
    Many thanks for Co-organising the DBJSwap.
    I sent your Giveaway parcel off yesterday, it's from January!!! I do hope you enjoy the contents!
    Have a lovely weekend,

    Sandie xx

  4. An interesting mix of photos, shame about blogger getting things all mixed up. I don't have any problems with mine so I can't offer any solutions.

    You 'small packages' are coots not moorhens. Coots have the white beaks and their chicks have that red, fuzzy hair do. Moorhens have the red/yellow beaks and a few white bits on their wings.

    I love visiting Cromford and the hot chocolate looks good, I love Bakewell too!

  5. Oh my, that hot chocolate looks delicious!


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