Monday, 5 January 2015

On a cold and frosty morning

Hello everyone, well, back to work, school, college and university today, weather grey, probably reflecting how many people feel getting back into the swing of everyday life!

But yesterday we awoke to a cold and frosty morning, so I made the most of it, grabbed my coat and my camera, and took some photos before the fleeting moment had passed.

The frost was so heavy that it looked like a dusting of icing sugar on the conifers...

The spider webs looked beautiful...

Twigs glistened...

But amongst all this cold and frost, there were glimpses of spring - the cherry trees are already forming buds...

And, tucked away at the side of the house were the two pots of bulbs I bought this time last year, and they are springing back into life! 


and mini daffodils...

I am looking to treat myself to a couple more pots of bulbs this week, I always buy some on my first week back to work after the holidays.  Usually they can be found quite cheaply and the scent and beauty of the flowers act as a real tonic.

I hope, if you returned to "normal" life today it all went well for you.



  1. Lovely pics. My daffs are all coming up. I had forgotten how many I had planted last year.

  2. Beautiful pictures, especially the spider webs. I find it amazing that you have flowers sprouting. Ours would have to struggle through lots of snow! :-). My Physical therapy went well. The therapist doesn't think it's my back at all but originates in my neck! I just hope he can fix it. :-). I hope your first day back to work went well,

  3. Fabulous photos, Helen! I'm so glad you dashed out to take them and shared them with us. We have had rain showers and it was rather warm which had me thinking thoughts of Spring when Winter has barely begun! Hoping you have happy productive days at work and home. xx

  4. Wow, Helen.. you did get some winners on your camera! And look at the bulbs coming up! I've seen my irises trying to put up new growth. That first spider web looks like a diamond necklace! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Oh isn't it so wonderful to see the new growth pushing through - signs of things to come. Lovely photos - especially the magical spiders web x Jane

  6. The frost makes everything look magical.
    Hugs and have a great week,

  7. We have snowdrops and primroses flowering (since before Christmas) and the crocuses are coming up now as well. Spring is on its way.

  8. Ohh I love the magic of frost everything looks so ethereal , great shots

  9. Lovely photos - there is beauty in nature in all seasons
    Well worth braving the weather to take them

  10. I love the magical sight of a cold and frosty morning! Your pictures are lovely! Happy first week back, Helen!
    Helen xox


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