Saturday, 3 January 2015

Crochet Blanket Challenge of 2014 - Project Completed!!

Hi everyone, hope the New Year is going well for you so far!

Exactly a year ago today I joined in the Crochet Blanket Challenge.  Some folks in blogland used this challenge to make a mood blanket, crocheting a square a day, or a square each week, in colours that reflected the feelings of that particular time.  I chose to go for a slightly different plan, using washed out wintry tones, which bought to my mind a forest in winter.  I chose to make 7 row grannies, and aimed to make one each week (although on some occasions I managed to make more).  And, on 30/12/14 the project was completed!

Would you like to see?

It is so soft and comfy...

I am so pleased with the colours I chose...

I joined the squares with a double crochet seam as I liked the idea of texture...

The border is Sandra's (Cherry Heart Blog) Grannies Patches Border pattern, it is an absolute dream to make...

 Vital statistics for this blanket:

  • Yarn - a variety from my yarn stash, plus 3 extra balls of Stylecraft Special DK to make up the palette of colours I wanted
  • Crochet hook size 4mm
  • 54 Granny Squares, each square had 7 granny rows plus an edging of double crochet
  • Granny Patches border from Sandra at Cherryheart blog
I still have quite a few oddments of yarn left so I am having a go at a square lap blanket to use up what I have.  I then have another blanket challenge in mind, to start perhaps after my birthday on the 12th - surely a        girl/middle aged woman is allowed to treat herself to some spiffing new yarn for a project that will keep her busy until the next Christmas holidays ;)  I am aiming for a palette of greys and parchment this time, with perhaps a little bit of black and white.  I would love the blanket to represent the colours of birch tree bark (remember my love of the Marimekko birch tree pattern?)

Here is my finished 2014 challenge blanket folded up on the back of my crafting chair, all ready for the chilly evenings ahead...
I am so pleased that I stuck with the project, and am unbelievably happy with the result!!  Did you join in the challenge, and if so, how did you get on?  I would love to hear about it!


  1. Wow Helen, what a beautiful blanket and what a fun project to keep you inspired the whole year! Magical!!!

  2. Beautiful blanket. I'm sure it will get lots of use. I'm just trying to work out what to do for a new year project. I'm feeling in need of colour! X

  3. Oh that is so pretty and so cosy looking; I love it!

  4. That's gorgeous Helen - makes me want to look through my stash and get started! Well done x Jane

  5. The blanket is wonderful, the colors you picked look perfect together. I am challenging myself to make a blanket in 2015, too. Mine was started in 2014 but I took it all apart and now have another vision.
    Hugs to you and of course you should treat yourself to yarn.

  6. Your blanket is stunning Helen. The colors are all so beautiful together. I didn't know of the challenge last year and there are always so many projects on the go in my house that I'm afraid to start one this year. :-) I'm almost done with the baby blankets, just three more edging rounds and then I will make a baby sweater to go along with it.

    Your colors you've planned for your new blanket sound so beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing them after your big birthday purchase. And yes, you do deserve to get some wooly goodness for your birthday.

  7. It's gorgeous I love the gentles tones you used.
    Clare xx

  8. Bravo, Helen! What an accomplishment! You have made a family heirloom, good for you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. It's unanimous, Helen :-) Thanks for letting us admire the colors and pattern you used creating your beautiful blanket!
    Well done, and inspiring! xx

  10. Gorgeous, and I bet its warm too!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx


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