Friday, 23 January 2015

Little things

TGI Friday!  What a week!  Very, very hectic, with work emergencies stretching into the evenings.  And a power cut as well for a short time tonight!!

BUT - there have been some lovely little things that have made me smile this week.

First up, on a visit to a college (set in the most beautiful grounds) I spotted this little clump of beauties on a very cold and grey day...

Sweet little snowdrops, how lovely to see you!  A very welcome sight at this cold time of the year.

Next, I was at one of the training providers I use with my students, writing quite a detailed report.  One of the tutors popped this little fellow on my desk to keep me company...

Such a cute bunny!!  Very tame and docile, sat next to me - so soothing!  I would love to bring him home but would be worried that he might end up as a cat snack...he is so small he easily fits into the palm of a hand.  And apparently he wont grow much bigger.

Yesterday I actually had time to snatch a bite of lunch - I usually end up working through lunch which is fine by me, but every now and again circumstances allow me to actually grab 30 minutes.  So I popped into a little Middle Eastern restaurant for a falalfel sandwich and a very strong Arabic coffee...

it was very yummy indeed!!  And just the very thing to give me a renewed burst of energy!

Tomorrow will be busy as we have in-laws visiting, so lots of cooking and cleaning to do.  So probably wont be much time to sit and relax, but I am hoping to at least get a couple of rows of crochet completed on my blanket.

Have a great weekend!



  1. The snowdrops are out!!! As for that rabbit, aww, and lunch, whatever next! Coffee with a good friend!
    My holiday is drawing to a close, I fear I shall soon be back :-( so much for learning how to use my table whilst I'm away, think I've managed to delete a whole post, and can't access two more!

  2. *tablet, not table, blinking autocorrect...

  3. Isn't it lovely seeing the Spring flowers appearing.
    Wishing you a happy weekend. X

  4. Oh I would love a rabbit on my desk to keep me company. Lol :) He/she looks adorable.

  5. Cute bunnie! You're snowdrops are much more advanced than mine! :) xxx

  6. I love your positive attitude, even is a hectic week you find things to be happy about. Such a cute little bunny.

  7. OK.. now I've got to go out and photograph my snowdrops.. since you have some on your blog.. lol! What an adorable bunny to sit so sweetly by you! Enjoy your family time. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Lovely snowdrops, enough to brighten up any week. P x


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