Saturday, 1 February 2014

Crochet Blanket Challenge - week 5

Good morning everyone.

Well, the first day of February has arrived - where did January go?  It was a very busy month, with birthdays, the return to work, thesis writing, GCSE coursework deadlines, University offers, etc etc - I feel as if the whole month flew by without me catching my breath.  And of course for most of the month the weather was frightful.

But this morning, on this first day of February the sun is finally shining....

Thesis and coursework have been submitted (some fingernail nibbling going on whilst results are awaited), university offers have been accepted, work is back in full swing, birthdays have been celebrated.  And somehow, in and among all this, I have managed to keep going with my granny squares.  And even more incredibly, this week I have managed to complete six new squares:

so now there are 34 squares in total...

when I see them all together like this I can really see the blanket taking shape.  The squares are big, seven granny rows then an edging of double crochet (sc for my American friends).  I am already beginning to think about possible colour combinations for the blanket edging.  Possibly varying degrees of grey I think....(no sniggering please!) And I think each square will need another row of the colour I finally decide upon for the joining up process.  I think about 80 squares in all should make a pretty big blanket, when including all the edgings.  

To be honest I cant believe how much progress has been made, it makes me feel strangely and unbelievably contented arranging the squares, counting them up, and thinking about the colour combinations.  The colours are somewhat more restrained than how they appear in the photos.  

I am having a lazy morning for the first time in weeks, and looking forward to going up to Manchester later to have an evening out with relatives.  Will be getting the crochet hook out shortly for a while though first.

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday, and that the sun is shining wherever you are!



  1. Lovely muted colours.
    Its just started to rain here!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Your tenacity will pay off in the end with a beautiful blanket. I have been glad of mine these last few weeks.

  3. Blanket is looking lovely so far. x

  4. Such lovely soft colour and wow your making really good progress, have a good weekend
    Clare x

  5. Looking lovely, I like the colour combination you have chosen too. I am afraid my blanket started 3years ago is still not finished so you put me to shame!

  6. How lovely...this sweet soft blanket. Enjoy Manchester. Xxx

  7. Hello Helen.. that blanket is turning out gorgeous! I look forward to seeing it all done. We're just hanging out and it IS sunny here too! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Well done, Helen! I hope you are having a lovely weekend :) xx

  9. Well done! Keep it going! They are looking lovely!


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