Saturday, 15 February 2014

Send a Little Love blog swap

Good morning everyone, hope you all had an enjoyable day yesterday, whether or not you celebrate Valentines Day.  I have to say that as far as DH and I were concerned, it went by somewhat unnoticed, but we did have our Wedding Anniversary last week, and those celebrations are set to continue next week as we are both on holiday from work.

But there was some bloggy love going on here in Moonstruck Towers as during the Christmas Hols I had signed up to the lovely Tracey's Send a Little Love Blog Swap.  My super partner was Karen, and her parcel to me arrived this week.  Would you like to see what she sent to me?

What a lovely bundle of parcels met my eye when I opened the envelope...

First up, this lovely card.  Karen is a very talented photographer, this is one of her photos...

A lovely range of things to make my baking sessions even more fun...

Some lovely ribbon...

This smells super...

Lovely felt pieces and a yummy Lindor egg (now sadly departed!)

And a very pretty heart....

Such a lot of lovely and thoughtful surprises...

Here is the bundle of little bits and pieces I sent to Karen....

but cant reveal any more just in case the post is being a bit slow!!

Just watching a bit of the Winter Olympics at the moment, I love to watch winter sports.  Didn't our British Skeleton athlete, Lizzie Yarnold do us in the UK proud yesterday?  And I loved her interview afterwards, where she encouraged all girls everywhere to really follow their dreams and to be the best they can be, whether in sport, the arts, music, whatever.

Hope you have a great weekend and that the weather will improve.  Have just noticed a bit of fence damage in the back garden, oh dear, how ever will I break that to DH?  He and my brother spent ages putting new fencing up a couple of years ago.  Oh well, could be a lot worse.



  1. What a lot of lovely goodies, thanks for taking part I'm glad you enjoyed the swap. I will keep an eye out on Karens blog to see what you sent her xx

  2. They are some really lovely gifts :) Swaps are such a great idea x

  3. Some great bits and pieces you have there. I thought Lizzie Yarnold was wonderful even learning some words of Russian, a real inspiration.

  4. Such lovely goodies, I've been glued to the winter olympic to, have a good week off
    Clare x

  5. Oh such wonderful goodies, how fabulous!! Yipppeee bless Lizzie Arnold she made her country proud!! x

  6. Thanks for showing us the generous swap gifts you received, Helen. The pretty photo card and the sweet heart are especially lovely. (I am watching the Olympics and typing to you during commercials :) xx

  7. Such a lovely and thoughtful gift.

  8. Lots a lovely goodies nicely displayed!

    Amanda :-)


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