Monday, 6 February 2012

Monthly Make - February part 1

Hello everyone

Here is the first of my monthly makes for February -

A granny square shoulder bag!

I loved the colours, I chose them especially as they are the favourtie of the person who received it

I have to admit that I fell in love with the colours too, even though they are not my usual choice (regular readers will know of my love for all things autumnal).

I lined the bag with the deepest of deep purple felt

I really enjoyed making this little bag and can see myself making a few more.  Isnt it amazing how versatile the lovely granny square can be?



  1. I am a big fan of granny squares and the bag looks fab, love the colours too! I plan one day to master crochet so I can make a big old granny square blanket for my bed, I've never been patient enough to learn! x

  2. Love the granny bag and I have found you can never go wrong with a granny. Hugs, Meredith

  3. Love the granny bag!
    And of course you do have to come to New York.
    We can eat in the Moonstruck diner five minutes from our apartment!

  4. I love the pinks and purples, the bag looks fab! x

  5. The bag is absolutely fabulous
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  6. Hey, just thought I would let you know that I have given you an award :)

    The bag is awesome he he

  7. What a great idea, I love it, it's very me!

    Lou xxx

  8. I just LOVE granny squares!! Very pretty and the colours are great xxx

    P.S- just sent u another email. (Third time lucky I hope, lol)


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