Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Final call for the Diamond Jubilee Swap!

Hi everyone, long time no see!

I have been very very busy at work - lots of crafting going on, swaps received, awards received (thanks to all of you!) but no time to blog - hopefully will catch up soon.

But in the meantime, its time for the final call for the Diamond Jubilee Swap!

The rules - such as they are - are as follows:

You need to be a follower of both of our blogs as we are organising this swap jointly.

5 items for your swap partner to include:
  • something handmade (either by you or another crafter)
  • something relating to the Diamond Jubilee - there will be lots of souveneir type things around. Doesnt have to be anything expensive - there will be pens, cards etc available
  • Some crafty-type supplies (buttons, ribbon etc)
  • Something edible - of course!
  • And one other item of your choice which you think your partner would love.
We will be keeping the swap open to entrants until February 29th, and will post regarding who is partnered with who by the end of the first week in March. You will then have up until May 31 to ensure your partner receives the goodies you send! In this way your partner will have received the parcel before the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Thanks so much to all of those of you who have already joined us!



  1. I am so excited about this swap... I can't wait to find out who I'm partenered with!

    Thank you so much for organising it

  2. Can I join in please?It sounds exciting.Hope i am not too late.


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