Saturday, 4 February 2012

January 2012 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Hello everyone!

Well, I have finally got around to posting my January Photo Scavenger pics! 

We had to scavenge with our cameras for the following:
soft, 2, blur, in season, in my bathroom, mess, information, company, warning, odd, in the distance, entrance.

So, here we go:

Soft - and snuggly!

Blur - trying to take a photo of the moon without a tripod is a bit tricky..

2 - my first attempts at modelling with Regal Ice

In season - an astonishingly beautiful sunrise taken on my walk into work.

 In my bathroom - this lotion is awesome - the scent is scrumptious, and it really helps my skin during the cold weather.

Mess - well it's not exactly Banksy is it?

Information - these are the details about the cake decorating course Im attending.

Company - well cats are good company, aren't they?

Warning - some advice from Nigella: "there is no way, however basic the supplies required, that shopping can be dispensed with".  Phew!!

Odd - willow wicker-work whales splashing down the side of a building.

In the distance - the full moon, again taken one morning on my way to work.

And finally for this month:

Entrance to a little nature reserve.  And this one also has warnings as well so covers two categories!

I have really enjoyed this activity and am already thinking about our February list.

Have a great weekend!


PS the snow is falling thick and fast here - will it last long enough to get the sledge out I wonder?


  1. I was supposed to be doing the Photo Scavenger Hunt but am a bit late I think. I love the wicker whales, just lovely.

    Thank you so much Helen for my runner up prizes, the rabbit was extemely yummy and I love the flower brooch, very pretty.
    Best wishes
    P.S. No snow here yet!

  2. Lovely pics, I really love the moon and sunrise ones! We had a bit of snow, but it didn't stick - probably because I went out and bought a sledge lol! Have a lovely weekendx

  3. Lovely pictures, I am not so sure your baby in the soft and cuddly picture is very happy.
    Happy weekend,

  4. Hi there Helen,
    Just to let you know that I've emailed you my address again for the giveaway. Let me know if you havn't recieved it as I sent one a while ago that seems to have gone missing somewhere, lol. Hope this one works!

    Great photo's by the way!!! GORGEOUS cat :)

    Much love,
    Louise xx

  5. Hi Helen, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your photos, what a fabulous idea. Nicky

  6. I love your cat, he/she is very photogenic!
    Well done with the to February!

  7. those wicker Wales are great. I will be trying harder with my February ones everyone else's are stunning.

  8. Now those wicker work whales are odd!


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