Saturday, 8 October 2011

Pumpkin delights

Good morning everyone!  This time last Saturday I was sitting in the garden, recovering from a mammoth marking session, enjoying temperatures of 20 degrees!  This week its back to the dining room table, looking out to the garden, which is windswept, wet and cold.  But much more seasonal!

I have quite a few weird obsessions and one of them is Pumpkins!!  I collect pumpkins of all different sorts - I even have a long lasting real gourd!  I have ceramic pumpkins.  Glass pumpkins.  Fabric pumpkins.  Dishes bowls and plates that have a pumpkin theme (either the shape or the motive).  I like to eat pumpkins (especially in a pie!!).  And of course I like to carve them.  But recently I have started to crochet pumpkins - so here is my little pumpkin patch of crochet lovelies (well I like 'em!!)

I have had such fun making them!!The very observant will notice there is also a crochet butternut squash as well in the background (I love those too).

The patterns came from a great blog planet june so if you would like to make your own little pumpkin patch please check it out!  She has some lovely free patterns on the website which I intend to have a go at in the coming weeks.  Thanks June!

Keeping with the pumpkin theme, I have some candle-themed pumpkin - ness going on in the evenings now - I have to say (please don't shout at me) that I do have a liking for the darker evenings.  So these are now gracing my mantelshelf:

I love this little ceramic pumpkin candle holder, it has a grinning jack-o-lantern on one side, but lovely autumn leaves on the other - very tasteful!

Have a lovely Saturday, and keep warm!



  1. I love it. The pumpkins remind me of my Dad who also collected them. He passed away last February. He had some glass, ceramic, you name it. Everytime I see any kind of pumpkins I think of him.

  2. Really lovely crochet pumpkins;) All looks nice and toastie ready for the dark nights - a great time of the year for me too x

  3. I love pumpkins too,Helen,Im going to pop over to Junes and give them a go.Thankyou for your comment over at mine, Ive found blogger a right pain too,over the last two days,I write my comment press post and it disappears!Hope you get this one! Have a lovely weekend,juliexx

  4. Yay!It posted!xxxx

  5. I love your pumpkins, I am really envious of your entire collection, which I hope to see in full on the 30th! they look fantastic with candles in, and even better with food!
    Sue Xxx

  6. I wonder what the official name is for your condition? LOL! You've certainly got 'Pumpkinacity'!
    Love he crocheted pumpkins, bet the 'knobbly' gourds would look good crocheted with the relevant greeny-blues too.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Sandie xx

  7. Love your pumpkin patch! =) I've already been over to visit the other blog that has the pattern! My daughter is a Halloween frrrrreeeaaaak! She will love a little pumpkin surprise on Halloween. She's 22 but still loves it when Mom gives her a surprise. Awwwww, what the heck...I'm 53 and would love it if someone gave ME a surprise! I don't think we ever outgrow that need! LOL Have a good one! Annette


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