Thursday, 6 October 2011

Little tastes of joy

Hi everyone - what a difference a few days make!!  Cold blustery showers today - truly autumn.

At the moment it is completely hectic at work with, amongst other things, a very heavy marking workload (yes, I am that stressed-out creature known as a teacher!!).  So, it is essential that I find little highlights each day to celebrate and be grateful for.  Of course, first and foremost my family and friends do this very well for me.  As does my crafting. And this little blog. 

But, here are a few more things that make me smile....

I walk to work each day along this street.  I really enjoy walking, its a great time to just think about anything and everything and burn some calories at the same time! The cherry trees are always a welcome sight at any time of the year but in the autumn they simply light up with brilliant colour:

Truly amazing eye-popping redness - the hot weather and cooler evenings made the leaves colour up a treat:

Im so glad I took these pictures as the trees are nearly bare today.

At the weekend I was up very early marking English papers.  I had finished them all (and there were loads!) by 9 o'clock so made a cuppa in my new mug, sat out in the garden and flicked through a couple of magazines I love:

Both magazines are from the USA - the crochet one is readily available, but Martha Stewart I order specially via WHS. 
Simple, yet joyful things. Gotta love 'em.



  1. Just popped over to see your blog as I saw that you'd left a comment on mine. love it! I do loads of crafting too and make clothes. I used to blog about it but I'm too much of a sarcastic bugger to write a lovely craft blog, so decided to write about my domestic failings instead.

    Do you have a Folksy shop? if not, you should. go set one up! mine in here:

  2. Love the pictures of Autumn, I am loving every picture of trees I can find in blog land. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  3. I just bought that "Gift List" magazine too! I'm dying to try that gingerbread house! I don't think it's too terribly difficult, just fiddlesome! Hey, welcome to my blog as my newest follower! Nice to meet you! I see Mereknits is a mutual friend of ours...I just adore her! She wants me to do a giveaway of one of those snowmen and I'm seriously thinking about doing so. I had the idea BEFORE Meredith suggested it, but she just confirms to me that there might be an interest. I'll probably do that in November - when it's closer to the holidays. I'm off to have a look around your blog. You're a teacher, eh? I adore teachers...they have such an opportunity to touch so many young lives. And I love your autumn colors. We don't have color here yet...but it's coming! My absolute FAVORITE time of year! Annette

  4. Wow, that tree looks beautiful.

    I have to say that for the first time ever, I'm loving the fact that autumn has finally arrived. I wonder if it's age?!

    Hang on in there - half term soon!


  5. I love those pics and really miss Autumn! xxx

  6. Brrrrrrrr, it's gone a bit too chilly for me.... Can't wait to have a proper look at that Halloween mag next week :)
    Sue Xxx


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