Saturday, 29 October 2011

Autumn Inspired Granny Stripe WIP

Good morning all - a bit chilly so far but is looking like it might be a decent day outside.

I thought I would share my current b.i.g project this morning - very much a work in progress but oh my goodness am I loving doing it!  Here is a peek inside my bag of woolie goodies

I keep all these treasures inside a re-usable bag I was given at an education conference - love the way they have used a tree emblem (tree of knowledge perhaps?) Have any of my fellow teachers out there ever been to a conference relating to QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework)?  A groovy bag for quite a dry topic unless you are into that sort of thing (which sadly and strangly I am!!)  I was quite impressed that a government body could come up with such a pleasing logo actually... is a picture of what is really making these cosy autumn evenings a real treat

I am so loving the colours - for me it sums up the autumn beauty outside in the local woodland, parks and gardens

The colours are actually more radiant than in these photos - I guess thats the downside of the autumn light !

Here is the work completed so far (it is a bit bigger now - I love taking photos of wip as I like to go back and see how far I have progressed).  It has been blogging that has inspired me to take photos as I go along rather than just the finished product.  Isnt it great looking back and seeing how much work has gone into something!

At one point it looked great as a scarf - I am so loving the granny stripe pattern...when its done I might well make a scarf as well it would be so cosy for the winter.  BUT - this granny stripe is destined (hopefully!) to be a throw for our sofa.  Something nice to cosy under when crafting or watching the odd bid of TV...speaking of which, are you watching Kirstie's Homemade Britain?  Me and daughter are really enjoying it and think its the best of her series so far. 

Well,  better away - Sue from @home and her family are coming for dinner tomorrow and daughter is getting ready to bake up a storm - Im sure there will be a few pics on this blog soon of her hard work!

Have a wonderful Saturday!



  1. i love the colours in your granny stripe, very autumnal, i'm a third of the way through a ripple stripe for my daughter but have plans for an autumnal throw very soon, which yarn did you choose for yours?

  2. Morning, I am so sorry but it would appear I sent my reply back to your comment to 'no mans land' It struck me whilst sleeping (!) that you had left a comment on my blog regarding being partnered with me for the Undomesticated Stocking swap and that I had just clicked on reply! so you would never received it! So sorry! I thought it strange you hadn't come back to me!

    Any how, my email is would be lovely to have your email so that I can send address details etc., In answer to your questions, I love pretty much anything crafty, especially, fabric, buttons,felt, ribbons (slight addiction there!) I am 44 (eek) and have 3 grown up children, and I also have 3 dogs too. Please accept my apologies for being a doughnut! I'm not usually so thick, although I suppose I did realise eventually!

    Look forward to hearing from you Sue x

  3. Your blanket is progressing well, I can't wait to see it finished :) Am I allowed to tell Mad about Bags that your just using up any old wool you can lay your hands on?
    We're looking forward to a spooky and pumpkin filled evening tomorrow night :) Remember, its just the 4 of us this time.....
    Sue Xxx

  4. Oh.... nearly forgot, love the new header as well :)

  5. I love the new header. The little pumpkins are adorable. Your blanket is so pretty. Such warm colors. Have a great weekend.

  6. I love your new header! And that blanket, oh such lovely colours! I love autumn colours and SO miss autumn. I wonder if it's because I was born in October. :)

  7. I don't usually like Autumnal or the Autumnal colour range but I have made an exception for your lovely blanket - it's looking great - so nice and cosy! I'm halfway through my second blanket, not taken many pics yet of it's progress, need to get my camera out! It's great how quickly they grow isn't it?? You'll be finished in no time! Happy Halloween xxx

  8. Helen, your new picture on your header is beautiful and I just love the colors of your throw. Beautifully put together. Have a wonderful weekend,

  9. Love the new header too!Your autumn colours are just beautiful,love the new granny stripe blankie,theres going to be a fight in your house whos going to snuggle under that beauty,have a lovely weekend,

  10. Love the new header also! That blanket is going to be so snuggly, I wish I could knit! x

  11. I love Autumn and I love your colours.Blanket making is sooo addictive.happy crocheting.

  12. Love the new header.
    Love the blanket, the colours are perfect.
    And I am a big fan of Kirstie Allsop so Handmade Britain is right up my street :-)
    Emma xx

  13. Hello Helen, I love the colours in your throw, and it looks so chunky and tactile. Thankyou so much for your lovely comments and for being my newest follower, I am very flattered.Wishing you a Happy Halloween, I am sure you will be in pumpkin heaven! Love Linda x

  14. Lovely autumn crochet, and the granny stripe looks so cosy and textured. I've seen some pics of your Halloween party on Sue's looks amazing! Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  15. Thank you for popping by my blog, I thought I'd return the compliment and I love the colours of whatever it turns out to be!!


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