Saturday, 3 September 2011

A Very Happy Un-birthday (swap) to Me!!!!

Hello again!

Well, Im back with details of yet another super swap I was lucky enough to be involved in, the Unbirthday Swap, organised by the lovely Helen, the Undomesticated Scientist.  We were involved in a three-way swap, where Helen sent her parcel to me, I sent mine to Bibbitybob, who sent her parcel to Helen.

Well, was I spoiled on my un-birthday or what?! This is what Helen sent to me:

First out the wraps, a delicious box of Lush - my trusty swap-parcel opening assistant (my 13 year old daughter) has got her eyes on this as she is a Lush addict, so have hid this somewhere safe (I hope!!)

Next was some lovely local goodies, how convenient that Helen lives in the city of Cadbury Chocolate...

BTW the little goody in the centre of the pic is a tape measure!

Helen has me sussed well and truly as the block of chocolate above was not the only edible treat:

There was some fabric loveliness:

Doesnt the blue fabric look like bundles of corn?  Ideal for some late summer hearts methinks...

Just look at this fantastic bag made by Helen - and the lovely unusual packing materials:

A tin of very handy and pretty crafty supplies:

I have always wanted something by Emma Bridgewater, and now my dream has come true:

Here is a pic of all these amazing goodies together:

Thank you so so much Helen for all of these fantastic goodies, once again I have been truly spoiled!

Here is what I sent to Bibbitybob:

Have a great day!



  1. What a lovely swap. Aren't bloggers just the best?
    Happy weekend,

  2. What a great swap!I love buying for swaps as much as sending one!Blogland is great.

  3. What a wonderful swap parcel full of treats! I like your blue felt hearts header too.
    Have a happy Sunday.
    Helen x

  4. Hi Helen,

    hope your feeling better,I ve been reading your blog and see that you ve had the shingles,:(

    I ve been working on the swap and just need your address to post?
    take care,julie.xx

  5. hi,
    glad you liked it all and that the mug arrived in one piece, i was worried about it but the packing materials must have worked. hope you managed to get some of the chocolate! x


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