Saturday, 17 September 2011

Crochet and autumnal musings....

Good morning, hope the sun is shining wherever you are - it is here at the moment, with a lovely blue sky and fluffy white clouds - better get the washing out on the line while it lasts....

As my regular readers will know, Im really into crochet at the moment.  With the chillier evenings now it is lovely to cosy up with some yarn.  I have had some bigger projects on the go (blankets) but I also love to have something that I can finish in an evening as well.

I have lots of crafty bits that I love - I have a real "thing" for buttons, always have had.  My darling mum is a trained tailor and used to have her own home dressmaking business, making everything from Victorian-style wedding dresses (months of the living room being covered in plastic so that the white satin didnt get dirty) to hand puppets.  She has a lovely tin of buttons - it was a free tin from Tide washing powder I seem to remember, each tin had a painting of a London park or square on on it.  The buttons she has date back to her grandmothers time and as my mum is now 85 and her mum didnt get married and have children until her late thirties you can imagine how old some of these buttons are.  My daughter loves to go through this tin with me and my mum - its just so wonderful to see how these interests are passed from mother to daughter to grandaughter.

My buttons are kept in old Bonne Maman jam jars - I love their cheery gingham style lids

so, we have definitely established that I love buttons!

But I love fabric too, and the two together blend very nicely into making Suffolk Puffs (or yo-yo's)

But then again there is that yarn obsession, so I decided to crochet a large flower then put the whole lot together:

I was really pleased with the combination and the results and will be making many more I think as the evenings draw in.

My colour palette is usually quite muted, as with the colours I have chose for the corsage. But although I have used green wool, to me the colour is not the green we associate with spring but more with the gradual slide into autumn.....a colleague at work bought a pumpkin in for me from their allotment

And what is a pumpkin other than a sign of autumn?  So for me these shades of green are autumnal greens...

Im really loving the autumn colours creeping into to my garden and the local countryside...hopefully I will soon be able to pop up to the local outwoods to photograph some of the astonishingly beautiful - and weird- fungi that appear at this time of year.  

What are the things that remind you that autumn is on its way?

Have a lovely weekend, Helenxxx


  1. I'm OCD about buttons (among many other things). I love them! I'm also loving your fabric & crochet button combo for a brooch. Genius idea.

    A number of bloggers are blogging about autumn. I'm sorry to say that I hate the fact that the nights are drawing in! Boo hoo, bring back some semblance of summer is what I say. Conkers - they remind me of autumn.

    Have a great weekend. xx

  2. My name is Sandie...I too have an ocd of buttons and lace,and all things textile!

    Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog, via Suepops' blog, it was lovely to meet Sue at the Craft fair a few weeks ago.
    Your fingers certainly fly throught the yarn, don't they? Busy bee.
    I've got a thing for yo yo's too, love creating/crafting at just about anything!
    Nice to 'meet' you!

    Sandie xx

  3. Something we have in common - a love of buttons.
    My great grandfather was a tailor and my nan a dress maker.My Nan's first job as a teenager was working at a button factory - how I would love that job. I have now inherited her jars, boxes and tins of buttons and i hope to pass these down to my own daughter.

  4. I love buttons too ! The corsage you made is very pretty.xxxx

  5. I love buttons, like you and Sandie I think I'm addicted to them! I would love to see your Mums tin one day :)
    See you later :)
    Sue Xxx


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