Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Woodland magic

Good evening everyone - hope you have enjoyed the lovely weather we have been having today - looks like we are having an Indian Summer!

This weekend I was fortunate enough to go walking with DH in our local outwoods.  It is an amazing place, I have always loved it since I was a child.

Lovely magical vistas...

Amazing glimpses through ancient branches..

Eye popping colour - usually these beech trees dont turn this golden hue until November...

I used to go on fungi foraging trips with my dad to these woods - he was very skillful at knowing what was dangerous and what was edible - this was a definite DONT TOUCH OR EAT toadstool..

But a real treat to see nonetheless.  And after all that wandering around the woods, what better than a little treat when arriving back home...

coffee and handmade caramel fudge!  Thats the life...



  1. What a lovely walk. Here in Norfolk the trees are looking stunning along the lanes and in the forest - definitely Autumn has come early.

    What a nice treat when you got home

  2. I love going to the woods, they are a magical place, infact, there are times when I'm too busy when I can't wait to get up there to clear my head..... the colours are wonderful at this time of year as well. It looks like something has been nibbling away at that toadstool!
    Sue Xxx

  3. Oooh I am so glad you stumbled across my blog, because now I have found your lovely blog! I am now your newest follower! x

  4. Hi moonstruckcreations, thank you for becoming a follower of my blog too - I will also follow you:) You have a great blog and lovely things made. It is really nice when you hear of other mums sharing with their daughters - just a little special:) I see you also work in education - another huge interest of mine too.


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