Thursday, 29 September 2011

Corsage cuteness

Hi everyone!

I have really got the crochet bug pretty badly at the moment, I just cant seem to put that hook down!!

One of my recent making sprees has resulted in a variety of different corsages:

I just loved the button, looks like a sweet I think!

Although the next corsage looks beautifully simple, in fact its quite hard work as I had to put double crochet and trebles (9!!) into the same double crochet - quite tough for the fingers, but well worth the work when you see the result:
This one is made in rows and then sewn into place:

with a few seed beads in the centre for added sparkle.

Here is my collection of crochet corsages - Im not sure which is my favourite...

Which one do you like best?



  1. Beautiful corsages! I must pick my hook up, it seems so long ago I did any crochet.

    Lou xxx

    PS. I like them all!

  2. They are all great but I do love the hard work one!!!!

  3. The two blue(ish) ones with the pink buttons!

  4. They are all so gorgeous!! love the purple one best though :) have a great weekend.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. They are lovely. I love the purple one best. Oh and the blue ones. Hmmm maybe the brown one too. Oh sod it, I love them all!!
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.
    Emma x

  6. They're all so lovely! My fave is prob the purple one ... oh and the 1st bluey aqua one with the button!


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