Thursday, 8 September 2011

Seaside Swap!

Evening all!

Today, yet again, I have been bowled over by the kindness of a fellow blogger - this time its Julie at A Tale from Toadstool House.

Prepare, dear friends, to be amazed - here we go!!

First up some lovely themed stationery supplies:

These next two treasures are hanging proudly in my kitchen:

Inspired by the sea, beautiful candle holders:

and jewellery...

An perfectly sweet lighthouse - now proudly gracing my bedroom windowsill..

And even in the land-locked Midlands I can now hear the sea...

Here is everything together with a beautiful hand-made card, chocolate (now gone!!) and two lovely red hearts - these not in a seaside theme but Julie made them because she knows how much I love hearts!

What a haul of treasure!!  Thanks so so much Julie for being such a fabulous swap partner - hope you like the bits and pieces I sent you too...will post these on another day as it has taken over 2 hours to do this post as blogger is being a bit of a rascal today!



  1. I want your fish n chips sign! All your goodies are really lovely but I really covet that sign!

  2. I too want you Fish & Chip Sign
    What wonderful goodies
    Hope you enjoyed yourselves
    from another Julie xxxxxxxx (Swap Organiser!)

  3. Hi Helen,I m so glad you liked the bits & pieces,thankyou for being such a lovely swap partner!take care,best wishes,juliexxxxxx

  4. Thankyou fo much for taking the time to look at my blog. I hope you return, nice to meet you.


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